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USS Slater Hudson River History

As of this morning, USS Slater is back to Albany again, after its latest shipyard visit. Below, thanks to Tim Rizzuto, are some photos from exactly 27 years ago, showing two McAllister tugboats assisting the large Russian, now Ukrainian, tugboat Gepard, which successfully delivered Slater from the Mediterranean to the sixth boro. I know this […]

USS Slater 2020 Shipyard Trip a

Here , here, and here were posts from the 2014 dry-docking. In July 2020, she heads down to Staten Island for another dry-docking, partly to address issues other than in 2014.  The photo below captures an 0600 view.  Today’s post covers the first three hours of the next 24, as it makes its way down […]

Day 11 Slater

Here was Day 1, and here was a time before that. Compared with this photo of Aetos, ex-USS Slater‘s looking good.   Here’s their newsletter, although they do a lot on Facebook. All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Day 1 Slater

Call this  hull up for action.  Slater is back in the sixth boro for the first time in 17 years.  Anyone have photos of her in New York waters from 1994 until 1997? Here’s the platform where a vessel who served two nations will get “hull work” for the next nine weeks or so. Compare […]

GHP&W 29

or I can call this Port of Albany 2, or better still Ports of Albany and Rensselaer.  Albany’s fireboat Marine 1 has been on this blog here.  Anyone know where it was built? The port has not one but . . . but two large cranes. And bulk cargo is transferred through the port in both directions, whether it […]

Highway 3

Here was Highway the first and second. The photo below I took on June 22. Cheyenne was headed for Erie PA and Margot was St. Lawrence bound. June 23 . . . Margot pushes her load out into Lake Ontario past Kathy Lynn and the dredge working the mouth of Oswego harbor, Massena bound. This […]

Something Different 17

Last May I traveled willingly into around a corner in time . . . enjoyed it, and posted the “fifth dimension” series that ended with this post.    So I toying with the idea of strolling into another.  Sadly, about all I know about these photos –other than that they show the sixth boro as it was […]

People Movers 3

Behold ex-LST-510, USS Buncombe County, preparing for a routine landing over in Connecticut. Bowsprite drew it, so it drew me . . . I had to go see again, even though some years ago I’d ridden her.  If you look at her peers launched at JeffBoat in  late 1943 and early 1944, you’ll agree she’s […]

Whatzit 18 Answers

I’m very impressed . . . all the images I put up yesterday got identified and within a few hours either in comments section or on Facebook. The top foto yesterday came from Thomas Scian of the USS Slater project in Albany.  Click here to read the latest Slater Signals publication with info about the […]