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Urger Efforts Updates

If you’re new to the blog, I’ve done lots of blog posts on a NYS Canals tug called Urger. For the past 5+ years, I’ve freelanced for a great publication called ProfessionalMariner, and this month have my first cover story.  I didn’t know my photo was on the cover until it came out!!  You can […]

Urger Illustrated 2

Thanks to Steve Wunder for the photo below taken yesterday in Fonda NY.  To the right, it’s a new 2018 Marine Inland Fabricators 25′-3″x14′x5′ Clydesdale pushtug, either hull 323 or hull 324. BUT, to the left and much more significant, it’s Urger, a few miles east of where the 1901 (!!) tug is said to […]

Urger Illustrated

. . . illustrating what will be lost if present course is maintained.   If you don’t know what’s likely to happen imminently, Urger is NOT to be reefed.  But, it’ll be beached at Thruway Lock 13 “living history” exit, with holes “punched” in the hull and that beaching will cost –I’m told–over $3 million. Why […]

Urger Needs a Reboot

Here’s the post I did the day my season on the Urger ended.   The boat seriously needs a reboot now, a rewind, since it will NOT been operating season of 2017.  None of the photos here have been posted before, and there’s a surprise at the end of this post, stemming from a conversation […]

Urger Season Winds Down

Remind me some day to tell the story of Schuyler Meyer, who is credited with starting Urger’s educational program back before 1990.  As of today, the season is over.  Over 4500 NYS fourth graders have experienced the “Urger program” this season.  That number and more have visited the 113-year-old vessel in festivals and other contexts  along […]

Internal Urger 2

Here was the first post in this series.  The photo below I took last week after the newly painted engine room deck had dried.  At that point, I could have eaten off that “floor,” you know . . . a sandwich, a slice of pizza, although I would have used a plate so that the […]

Urger Cold and Dry

Over a dozen posts already have followed Urger, the most recent last November.  I caught up with the old fishing tug in Lyons this week, not high and dry but low and frosted, down at the Lock 28A drydock.  And I mean down, hibernating below high-water level down in the dry dock, behind the lock […]

Urger in November

Labor Day in the sixth boro . . . and now at Lock 28A, Urger‘s winter port.    Near Lyons.  Near my “grow-up” years, where I enjoyed my 40th high school reunion last night. Urger from the other side of the lock.  Notice the plastic hoods over vent and mast and weather cap added atop […]

Internal Urger

Urger proves that age poses no impediment to winning beauty contests.  Of course, Urger also demonstrates that money–in this case, government money–helps one compete successfully in such contests.  I’m not talking bribes . . . but facelifts, but this former fish tug still turns heads wherever she goes. Urger grabs my attention for several reasons, […]

Urger’s First Life

I knew she’s been called C. J. Doornbos. I knew she worked as a fishing tug on Lake Michigan. I never imagined she was gussied up this way back in those days. I posted the foto below a year and a half ago. Urger has been thoroughly reinvented, and yet looks –IMHO –to have been […]