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Turning the Bridge

She’s not pink or blue or green or new, but she’s an ULCV that I saw back out of Bayonne yesterday, and I can imagine all the communications and applications of power to make this happen. JRT yanked eased under power stern wise, while Mary Turecamo  and Jonathan C countered that movement just enough to […]

Turning Seapacis

A hex sign?  Well that “boss” is just about a variation on those folk magic symbols so common in parts of PA. But it’s a logo here, or a symbol I can’t interpret on a crude (?) tanker rotating away from the dock and turning in the length of the KVK . . . one […]

On Turning 86 (cont.)

I didn’t want to overload yesterday’s post, so I’m continuing it here. 08:44 To add a detail here, each time a ship or boat big or small approached, someone up there sounded an aerosol can horn;  once the vessel passed, a second “all clear” blast was made. And whereas larger vessels stayed the middle of […]

On Turning 86

The 1931 bridge has been so prominent on this blog over the past decade plus that the past few years of construction and now deconstruction mesmerize me.  Just look at the header photo I’ve not changed since 2006.  I’ll never change it now. I spent a few hours watching the work yesterday and share some […]

Turning Chembulk New York

This is a maneuver I always enjoy watching. It’s a case of getting the ship off the dock and rotating it in the desired direction within a confined space, with little room for error. Not over powering is part of the process, I  gather. Quick . . . name that tug? If this is New […]

Turning Erikoussa

The evolution depicted in the next photos took all of five minutes.  In the photo below, note where James D.‘s wake is.   Now the tug’s vector is lateral but increasingly astern. I’m glad for my sake the sequence happened so quickly because 18 degrees F was killing my fingers. Note Brendan around the stern of […]

Update: Turning 84

A few years ago, I did this series of posts on the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Bayonne Bridge, which I needed to shoot under to get this photo of Laura K. Moran assisting Global Laguna–-probably here for scrap– around Bergen Point. So let’s have a look at the construction project, one of […]

Turning Fidias

Sitting on the bank, I really enjoy watching large vessels turned at the dock.  Here is an index of previous “turning” posts. Warm Sunday mornings are the best times to watch, though, because you might spend a long time waiting.  The first photo here was taken at 0929 hrs.  Can you identify the tug beyond […]

Turning Emma

You’ve seen “turning 70” and other rotations, get ready for this . . . it’s a windy day on Newark Bay as Margaret has forward starboard line and Emma dashes to the point where a turn of greater than 90 degrees needs to be negotiated to rotate into the KVK. The calculations of forces resisting and […]

Turning 80c

So concludes this series . . . with total time elapsed from Qatar nosing around Bergen Point until Suez Canal Bridge‘s stern clearing the west side of the Bayonne Bridge  . . .  about 50 minutes.  Furthermore, a fourth vessel–Seatrout–traversed in that same time period, as did RTC 135, moved by Nicole Leigh Reinauer. So […]