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To Bayway, from Point Tupper

You saw a different version of this photo last week, NS Leader being assisted into Bayway.  This begs the question . . .  from where did NS Leader come?  Where did it take on the cargo discharged at Bayway? The answer for NS Leader and lots more crude tankers is Point Tupper NS, where there’s […]

Random Tankers 4

Chem Mercury approaches the VZ. The surprise for me was the registry:  Luxemburg.  She was in one day and out the next.  The 2018 build has capacity of just under 20000 dwt. Markos I is a 45999 dwt and  2005 build with more than twice the capacity of Chem Mercury. Solar Katherine, a 2020 build […]

Three Tankers

This Odfjell tanker has 47 tanks! I took this recently along the KVK.   Today the 1998 tanker is in the Mississippi River heading for New Orleans. Guess the age here? She’s just two years old, launched in January 2019.  Elandra Willow has departed for the next job, but this morning Elandra Oak arrived in the […]

Random Ships 84

I’d wager that more than two thousand cargo ships dock in the sixth boro each year.  This morning as I write this, I count  20 in all, including the second of the 15k ULCVs, CMA CGM Panama.  No, I didn’t get photos because . . . I was workbound. All these photos I took in […]

Strait of Canso Traffic

Guess the usage? Avalon Sea is an AHTS vessel of the sort I’ve not seen call in the sixth boro.  Any guesses on usage, age, and dimensions of the unit?   If it reminds you of the various semi-submersible vessels that’ve called here, great, because that’s what Boabarge 37 is.  It measures 499′ x 125′  […]

Assists 11

Yesterday the KVK was a crowded place.    Notice anything else unusual about this photo?  Fort Schuyler is disappearing off to the left, and Brendan Turecamo is assisting the vessel off to the right. In the distance tanker NS Leader was escorted in by a McAllister tug to port and a Reinauer tug to starboard.  Reinauer?  […]

Amazon Beauty

Whenever I’ve seen this vessel, I had associations with a huge river in a big country. These blue-white designs, though, didn’t conjure up that tropical river, yet they were strangely familiar. The “upside-down V” didn’t initially strike me a Greek letter lambda either. Later I started looking differently to try to figure out why that […]

Carnavalons 2

The premier event of Carnaval de Québec has become ice canoeing, a unique sport stemming from early French settlement along the St. Lawrence:  in summer boats connected the opposite sides of the river, and in winter sleds traversed, but during the times between, canoes alone could provide this contact.  The need for treacherous crossings ended after the introduction […]