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Tugle 3

Tugle 2 stumped me until I saw the label:  “Matton hull 328.”  That was Challenger, seen here, and solving the puzzle, an unusually challenging task. Unlike previous days’ “tugle 1 and 2,” I don’t know the story below.   Raised lettering can be seen on the stern quarter, but I can’t make that out.  Lower […]

Tugle 4

The past few months I’ve been feeling my way through the archives of the Canal Society of New York.  Doing so, I assumed that all the images I found there had relevance for the Barge Canal.  That assumption confounded me in this case.  So I’ll leave this as a clue.  What, where, when built, and […]

Tugle 2

Thanks for playing yesterday.  Thanks to someone doing photo labelling more than half a century ago, I know the answer here too, although I admit there’s not much to go on.  This tug has appeared on this blog once before. Photo is from the Canal Society of New York archives. Hat tip to George Schneider […]

Tugle 1

Wordle has taken the gamers’ world by storm.  It’s also spawned other games like globle and worldle… If you’ve never played globle, try it at the link here. So here’s the rule with tugle, a game not nearly so clever as the others, but I try:  guess in what context this tugboat has previously appeared […]