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Spring Sixth Boro Sail 2018

“A butterfly among moths” flitted past lower Manhattan yesterday, northbound  on the North River, albeit a butterfly that hadn’t yet fully shed its cocoon. “The boat has a colorful history, beginning as a small trading vessel along the South China coast. It reputedly once belonged to a Chinese warlord who had to sell it in […]

Names 34

Given the number of posts I’ve done on names, you’re right to assume they fascinate me.  Of course, the names are just placeholders, but much preferable these names to numbers.   This recent salt ship, for example, could be called Ever Lion . . . if Evergreen had chosen to use animals rather than qualities […]

Narrows Dawn

This was the Narrows at 0730 this morning. I joined the ‘scapegoats for morning contemplation . . . to the east and north.  That orange tanker down there, they said, had a name I’d find interesting.    But I couldn’t read it yet. Below us, yacht Dofle Dust was bound for sea past Ratna Shalini. […]