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Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2010 d

My last post on the Roundup is a catch-all with some video at the end.  It include vessels that just happen to be in the area.  Like Kathleen Turecamo (1968), docked at Port of Albany. Cynthia of C. D. Perry.  Notice the exposed engines, and follow the vertical shaft of the drives.  I’d love to […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2010 c

Details today, delightful ones like the house of Crow, stern of Margot in front of portside and rope fender Governor Cleveland, stern of The Chancellor in front of Margot, twin barges 1914 Lehigh Valley 79 and 1942  Pennsy 399 (venues for music and photographic displays), stern of Wire and Governor Cleveland, lots of stacks, bow […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2010 b

(Silent version) The Roundup begins with a parade between the Port of Albany and the wall below Lock 2 at Waterford.  Waterford is the easternmost point on the Erie Canal. From wherever they find themselves, crews and vessels begin to gather around mid-day Friday.  Benjamin Elliott headed south from Waterford, Cornell saved fuel, waited at […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2010 a

Just back from the Roundup, but before I can relax, I want to download my fotos and put a few up.  Below is a lineup as seen from the 2nd Avenue Bridge to Peebles Island. Another lineup, as seen from the fotog boat–Tug 44–loitering just north of the 112th Street bridge.  Many thanks to Fred […]

Retro 2010 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

Back in 2010, I did four posts about the weekend, which you can see here.  What I did for today’s post was look through the archives and just pick the photos that for a variety of reasons jumped out at me.  A perk is each of the four posts has some video I made.  One […]

Retro 2012 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

The 2010 post had a photo from 2009, so let me start this one with one from 2010.  This photo made the cover of a NYS Restoration publication devoted to boats, but I lent my copy to someone and it’s never returned.  If you know the publication, please let me know. OK, let’s see one […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2015 b

It’s been a few years since Lehigh Valley 79 was there, but David Sharps added a new feature to the parade–a brassy salute to each vessel that passed for review. And what a potpourri of vessels that was!       Folks who from Monday to Friday work on precision instruments indoors . . . […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2012 b

Canals are like bridges . . . points of connections, although “bridge” gets used much more as the verb for “crossing the otherwise uncrossable.”  As with bridges, canals create clusters . . . centers of communication and cooperation. Archways can easily be created. Within canals you find vessels passing through with connections from many different […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2012 a

Here are a, b, c, and d from two years ago.  As I write this, the Roundup has not yet finished.  What’s left is the fireworks extraordinaire, the grand finale.  But the Roundup begins with a parade up from Albany northward.  On the west side of the river is I-787, and by parading along the […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2012 C

Here’s to the photographers of the event!  We do love it.  And here’s to the companies, crews, spectators, and organizers.  The sprint is only the start of the event, though. After that, greetings and foto-ops happen, as do carefully calibrated/matched push-offs contests like Vulcan III v.  Lincoln Sea or Maurania III v.  Quantico Creek or Pegasus […]