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Truckster! 18

See the previous 17 posts off along this tangent here. Let’s start here.  Name that truck.  Answer follows. How about this vehicle, with its brand info stripped off? It should be easier from this angle. If you were wondering about the context for the top photo, here’s more of the field.  Note the USCG members […]

Truckster! 17

I caught up with this . .  the other day, Switching lanes . . . I noticed something I’ve seen before like here from a decade ago, and in many other posts like here. Of course, others become art objects for a while, maybe until they rust back into the earth.   Cars arrive from […]

Truckster! 16

Don’t they call this “truck Friday,” you know . . . that day after T’day?  After all trucks deliver the goods as part of the supply chain.  Or they retire and graduate to advertise goods.  Answers follow.  The one that carries the corn . . .  . . . the green truck and below … […]

Truckster! 15

Once every 1460 days, we get to vote for president, so it’s a special day.  Please vote.  Exactly 12 years ago, I did this post on presidential politics.  My post was not partisan, right?  Wasn’t that a civilized election?  A sloop with sails like that can not be imagined in 2020. A special day offers […]

Truckster! 14

It’s digression time . . . now that I’ve not done one of these in a while. You can’t not see the pattern here . . . Steam Whistle is an interesting story with a beer connection, you might say. I’m posting fast, along the river, so I’m not taking time to identify these vehicles, […]

Truckster! 13

File this under “NOT Jay Leno’s Stanley Steamer,” but maybe Jay could get interested in the hybrid, part of which started life as a 1953 International 3/4-ton truck. But it zoomed up, quiet as steamers are.   I would imagine my only problem driving this could be the distraction factor;  I’d be watching the hot and […]

Truckster! 12

I started this series as an April Fools post in 2015 here.  The next day I “recanted” (actually, I gave the context I had wanted to establish all along) by focusing on the inherent economy of shipping some cargo by water rather than highway.  Then and now I want to highlight the similarity and relationship […]

Truckster! 11

In these days of international suspicion and hostility, this story from a half century ago almost makes me nostalgic.  The photo below I took at the Brockway museum near Cortland NY.  Brockway, a heavy truck manufacturer eventually absorbed into Mack, custom built vehicles, starting with carriages, which you also find in the museum.  The firetruck […]

Truckster! 10

If you’re reading this, then tugster has again left the Tower for another gallivant, maybe a coddiwomple, this one off wifi for a while, at least a week. This post will be placeholder until I’m back, so I’ve got to come up with a memorable narrative, although obviously, I took the photos down south. Imagine a […]

Truckster! 9

A change that’s happened to me in 2018 is that I became a truck owner.  When the truck gone through all the changes I’m making to it, I’ll post about it.  That’ll be this mid spring, if all goes well.  For now, let me truckster you with vehicles that’ve caught my attention along the highways […]