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Truckster! 25

We’ve updated our incomplete work from yesterday, and hey . .  it’s May, tugster is away, and that makes it a perfect time for another installment of  . . . truckster!   For starters, how about a 1950 F-1 on the street in Queens!@#! Along the road on a recent tugster road gallivant and inside the […]

Truckster! 24

I’m driving hundreds of miles today, so it seems a good time to update this chapter. How’s this Rhino for an attention getter?  It likely belongs to this guy. x And I had to whip out my camera when I saw this truck..  . Catering (and more) trucks always catch my attention, like the appropriately […]

Truckster! 23

Today I hope to return to the sixth boro safely.  I’ve not yet tallied my miles driven, but if you want to guess, I’ll let you know.  I saw a lot of trucks in those miles, some of them on pedestals, like this Diamond heavy wrecker along I-80 in western Iowa. I’m not sure if […]

Truckster! 22

Summer gallivants, mine and those of others, have lots of pleasures, but one of them has to be to see the old trucks gathering more rust than dust.  Attempts might be made to stave off the effects, but they are enough of a joy to look at, even if they don’t run, that I’m willing […]

Truckster! 21

I just love driving the backroads, keeping two eyes on the roads, and my third eye or two scanning for the unusual and interesting. It seems that I’m not the only one, Lewis Cobb Jr. spotted this starved figurehead on a late model Freightliner Cascadia? Early 1950s Studebaker towtruck? 1953 Chevrolet Suburban?   This one […]

Truckster! 20

Send me more photos of old and rusty trucks . . . or old and restored trucks along the road?  Here are more sights I saw along the road last month . . . 1940ish International pickup with a bony guy at the wheel?  Rusty trucks do seem to be attention-getters for businesses along two-lane […]

Truckster! 19

Not far from the East River yesterday and at an intersection checking for oncoming traffic,  I spotted this half a bock away from my intended path:  round fenders, distressed paint, and chrome stacks too? I found the nearest parking spot and walked back, with spring to my step.  What is it?  The chrome spikes where […]

Truckster! 18

See the previous 17 posts off along this tangent here. Let’s start here.  Name that truck.  Answer follows. How about this vehicle, with its brand info stripped off? It should be easier from this angle. If you were wondering about the context for the top photo, here’s more of the field.  Note the USCG members […]

Truckster! 17

I caught up with this . .  the other day, Switching lanes . . . I noticed something I’ve seen before like here from a decade ago, and in many other posts like here. Of course, others become art objects for a while, maybe until they rust back into the earth.   Cars arrive from […]

Truckster! 16

Don’t they call this “truck Friday,” you know . . . that day after T’day?  After all trucks deliver the goods as part of the supply chain.  Or they retire and graduate to advertise goods.  Answers follow.  The one that carries the corn . . .  . . . the green truck and below … […]