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Truckster! 7

Here’s where this series started . . .  And given the “road fotos” posts, you can guess that I saw trucks on those roads, lots of them. The vehicle below–seen in a field along a narrow two-lane road–might be a truck.  Note the wooden visor bracing the top of the windshield supports.  Any guess on […]

Truckster! 6

Definitely some sort of military truck, probably FMTV made by Oshkosh.  Some of the numbering is Hebrew. And there’s a bunch of them, up there squeezing under the Bayonne Bridge, as they and the rest of the cargo aboard the Norddeusche ship rounds Bergen Point on the way to Port. All photos by Will Van […]

Truckster! 5

I saw a train of these in Quebec and then an identical train in Montreal, doing on an airport what tugs and icebreakers do on the nearby rivers. Any ideas on the manufacturer?  I guessed Bombardier . . . This photo I took last summer in upstate NY near the snowiest town in the state, […]

Truckster! 4

Well, the boss called and said he wanted an old truck to restore, you know to make like new.  Great mechanical condition, great paint job . . . you know. I’d love to see this William Walter truck back to its former glory. The boss was calling me tweeting me at all hours of the […]

Truckster! 3

This 1944 Dodge has been parked along a North Fork highway for some time.  Here’s the story. From the load on this truck parked in Battery Park City, you can tell the season. All these wheels distribute the weight of a wheelless Cat 854K Wheel Dozer. Farther down the highway, might these be the wheels, three of […]

Truckster! 2

In celebration of the beginning of the 11th year of blogging, I’m licensing myself to change course a few days.  Two things I want you to know are 1) I’ve posted approximately 90% of the days since November 26, 2006, and 2) my eyes always search for details other than tugboats to photograph. I’ve gone here […]

Untruckster 2

Thanks to Jonathan Steinman, here’s another tug–Robert Burton–handling the CVA sealed garbage containers.  Given the direction of the tow and absence of freeboard on the barge, the containers are loaded and heading for Howland Hook to be loaded onto trains southbound. Here (and scroll) was a post I did almost two years ago when Robert […]


So yesterday was of course a day for a little  . . . Aprilscherz or poisson d’avril . . ., but now I am serious.  What you see below transports garbage, which might not impress you–but that unit towed by a single tug replaces 48 trucks between Queens and Staten Island.  Spaced for safe driving, that […]


I take photos of machines that don’t float and have these to share.  I used to have a Class 1 driver’s license.  Hmmmm..  maybe this blog needs a new name and focus? Harry Milkman took this photo;  I’d seen a boot truck like this once but on the opposite side of I-95. This Oshkosk was […]

From the Line Locker 25

Two massive but indistinct enterprises loom offshore while a ketch motors in.  I understand that if I were near to one of those “loomers” . . . they’d be moving faster than I could swim, row, paddle, or walk . . . . I couldn’t identify the ketch, with the ever-ready bike on deck. What […]