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Oceania Tugs 2

These photos by Trevor Powell were forwarded with his permission by Jan van der Doe. ASD Aquilon on 12-2021 departing from port of Adelaide for Whyalla after refit. Riverwijs Grace on New Year’s Day 2022 in port of Adelaide.  She dates from 2000.   This SL Endeavour photo was taken on a summery January morning in […]

Oceania Tugs 1

It’s freezing in the sixth boro, so let’s go somewhere warm.   With temperatures comfortable for summer, I’ll bet the engine room of the 1907 steamer Lyttleton would feel great.  Book your tickets here, but first book your air tickets wherever you get the best deal. Slightly newer, the 1960 Pacific Way continues to be […]

Random Tugs 236

Along the Jersey shore . . .  it’s Candace, a Damen Shoalbuster design . . . built at Eastern Shipbuilding in 2004. Hete’s a slightly sharper, closer shot. Working with Candace in dredge support, it’s Trevor. Trying to keep her ground tackle tackling the bay bed, it’s Linda Moran holding with Houston. OSG 350 is […]

Random Tugs 243

I missed Josephine Reinauer (actually I saw her but couldn’t get a clear shot)  when she visited town recently, but I did catch Jacksonville, the latest Vane machine in the harbor. For some reason I expected her to look different, but it’s an Elizabeth Anne class tug, which’ll look a lot like most of the […]

Survey Vessel 2

This exact title–sans the number–goes way back to 2007 here.   The orange vessel doing surveys in 2007 has been replaced by the one below, which I’d not seen until very recently. The USACE has several survey boats in the boro, as does Rogers. Alpine Ocean has been surveying the harbor and the bight for […]

Combi Dock III & Peking Saga 2

I stopped by around midday today.  Trevor had been alongside all morning.  I presume this was loading cargo support materials. Here’s the last post I did where Trevor appeared.   These first two photos are taken from Brooklyn looking across at Staten Island. Time is of the essence here, but I’ll bet working in the 90 degree […]

Weeks 3

I do not try to group tugboats in posts by company, but in the past week I’ve noticed an inordinate number of Weeks boats in the sixth boro.  Let’s start with this shot of Trevor, which I caught yesterday.   Here are some previous Trevor shots. Earlier I’d caught Trevor tailing a tow pull by […]

Replenished Rockaway

Aug 31.  A late summer day at the beach, where a new “towel drying rack” has been adopted and a bumper crop of sand awaits the erosion of winter, perhaps?  All photos here taken by Barbara Barnard. Sept 1.  A tug (Trevor?) moves a crane barge to where the “drying rack”/piping needs to be fished […]

Shear Legs

title sounds provocative?   Well,  I’ll subtitle this “whole lotta dredgin’ 6.”  It’s been almost three years since I’ve used this title, but .  .   . when Sabine‘s this close to the beach and there’s a tube in the water, there must be a shear leg  or two lurking nearby, although I wonder if […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 11

Here and here are previous posts on a Rockaway Beach replenishment dredging operation that has now ended.   Sea Wolf is still local, but the vessel on the horizon (“atop” the red buoy) has now moved to southern NJ.  Remember, for most fotos, doubleclick enlarges. Weeks’ Trevor was assisting in this project. Also assisting was […]