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Transiting the Oswego Canal

Bright and early, Kithy P passes Grande Mariner and enters lock O8. We followed Kithy P later, and departing lock O5, we met Rebecca Ann, who would enter the lock we had just vacated. (Note:  as of today, Rebecca Ann is transiting the Welland Canal on the return trip to the sixth boro.) On our way […]

Transits 1

I started a series called transitioning, but here’s something new.  Actually I did a transit post a few years back when a Boston ex-fireboat transited the sixth boro on its way to  Lake Huron to reinvent as a dive boat. This post started with Glenn Raymo catching a shot of NOAA 5503 northbound in Poughkeepsie. Then, unprompted, […]

Transitioning 9

This 1962 WYTL has looked like this ever since I first saw her, which was likely 2005. She was built early in the string in WYTLs, earlier than the ones still used in the sixth boro and upriver by the USCG. The photos above and below I took in 2010 in Mystic, and this one […]

Transitioning 8

Here was another in the series on the move past the Sky single-hulled tankers, Patrick and Scotty. These slow splash photos I took on January 6. This morning I saw James Joseph afloat, scuffed, and showing evidence of loading . . . . And Diane B was the power unit. Bravo!  All photos by Will […]

Transitioning 7

Half Moon . . . is heading from the erstwhile new Netherlands to the old Netherlands soon. Click here for other Half Moon tugster posts from the past few years. Here she was with Rana Miller and the Waterpod. Once settled in in Hoorn, her immediate home waters will be Markermeer and after that IJsselmeer.   […]

Transitioning 6

Every day has its transitions, but here was a big one one I recorded back in 2008.  Patrick Sky and Scotty Sky will soon be transitioning . . . in some way. And this will be the new 10,000 barrel barge . . . moved by this Stephen B. Happy and prosperous new year! All […]

Transitioning 5

Notwithstanding all that . ..    sometimes the thought that a day is the first day in the rest of one’s life is superlatively vivid.    Enjoy my pics and maybe you’ll get this sense also. Sunday afternoon, Zhen Hua 10 enters the Kills. Does anyone know if “Zhen Hua” means anything?  Note Manhattan and the […]

Transitioning 4

I’ve been thinking a lot about transitionings myself these days.  I might have one coming soon . . . .  More on that in a bit. One summer as a kid I suffered from impetigo.  I was terrified because I thought I’d end up scarred as badly as a neighbor . . .  .  Charles […]

Transitioning 3

Mako . .  .  in early April, and a day or so later. I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see the beautiful color-combo on those stacks transitioned away. Thanks to “secret salt” for shots of the painting in progress.

Transitioning 2

Here was the first in this series.  And from this morning, what spring cleaning and repainting is this being done with such high spirits? Here’s the former Roger Williams getting a springtime makeover. To me . .  it looks like an Edward Hopper green  . . . Click here for the transitioning tugboat now Eric […]