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Canal Motor Ship Project B

As William Lafferty pointed out in the previous post in this series here, Robert Barnes Fiertz was not a tanker.  I’ll have several more posts on Fiertz and her sisters including the one we now call Day-Peckinpaugh, but here we focus on a vessel launched two years later (in 1923) that builds on the same […]

East River Catch Up 5

For what might be considered an exotic among exotics, let’s go back to Pete Ludlow’s photos,  meet Windserve Odyssey.   As an all-purpose offshore wind farm support vessel, it is just one vessel type that will be more common in the years to come.  The blog alluded to this particular vessel and a possible transit through […]

LL Portland to Halifax

Not much to report on the passage  . . . the watery parts of the planet have all the same moods, but as we approached Halifax, Sambro Island Light to port, the locally built pilot boat E. T. Rogers brought a pilot and some excitement.    Atlantic Cedar and other boats prepared to welcome a […]

Random Tugs 381

Marjorie  moves her train cars. Nathan G goes for fuel. Crystal Cutler pushes her barge. Paula Atwell travels light for a change.  CMT Pike does her harbor rounds.  Mister Jim here looks brighter than usual in the morning sun; in cloudy weather, that gray livery obscures details.  Robert IV assists at the stone anchorage. Cape […]

Government Boats 59

One of the joys of wandering around an unfamiliar port is getting surprised, as I was to see an LCS underway.  I also saw some reference to the place of LCS vessels in the USN fleet here and here on gCaptain. More on the ship and the Independence-class variant can be read here.  Know the […]

Mackenzie Rose 2

Here was the first post in this series.  If I’m not mistaken, this sand comes from the freshwater sources of sand in SW New Jersey;  I posted photos of the loading and transit of such sand here back not quite three years ago. My vantage point here was Little Island, and in midafternoon, I was […]

Random Mississippi River Towboats* 6

I caught sight of Theresa L. Wood in the fading light as she was about to transit the Fort Madison Bridge.  More on that double-decker bridge here. Note the wake pattern. See the lights both on the towboat and the motor vehicles waiting on the bridge.  I’m told one person operates this bridge at a […]

People on the Boro 33

Keyport Princess dropped anchor in front of the Statue the other morning.  Does anyone need more proof that fish are currently thriving in the boro? Climate Change also came through the boro from the Sound, no doubt heading for warmed waters for the next half year, but while transiting,  this boater takes in the beauty […]

Retro Sixth Boro 50 B

Ten years ago, the WTC was incomplete, no supertalls/superskinnies were up, and Taurus was not yet Joker. Miriam and the archway at Sailors Snug Harbor are all the same, although that dock is gone from there. The 1969 Barbara McAllister is now Patsy K, operating out of the Gulf coast of Florida. The 2003 Jane […]

Helen’s Last Waltz Redux

If it seems I’m doing a lot of redux, etc. these days, my explanation is that 2012 was a great time for my being out there taking photos.  It was entirely by chance that I walked past this scene on July 17, 2012 before 0900.  I can’t even remember why I was there.  Now it […]