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Other Peoples Photos 102

I’m always so grateful when folks send me photos, especially like all of these.  Tony A catches all kinds of boats I miss, like Anne-Sofie earlier this month in Albany.  I’m not sure what the cargo in and/or out was, but these SAL vessels get around.   Does anyone know if that “float” center just under […]

‘Ster Crazy 4

Thanks for your great response with the ‘ster crazy suggestions.  Today we go  . . . Capster. I’m not really a ball cap wearer, but I have at least 20 in my closet. The idea for capster comes from Capt. Tommy Bryceland, whose photos you’ve previously seen on tugster here. In this part of his […]

More Dragon

Last week featured a few photos of HMS Dragon over by the Manhattan passenger terminal.  Those photos prompted these from a tug captain on the Clyde, who attended the launch of the vessel back just over 11 years ago. Click here and, with the magic of YouTube,  you see video of the launch AND the […]

TS Empire State VI on the Clyde

Here are previous posts on the vessel.  This past June, Steve Munoz was in Scotland when the training ship traveled up and then later down the Clyde.  All photos come from Steve. TS ES VI arrived in Scotland after stops in San Juan and around the Mediterranean. On the Clyde, escort was provided by Svitzer […]

Other Peoples Photos 73

Apologies for sitting on these photos fo so long, but today’s the day to put them up.  The previous 72 can be found here. From Mage, long-time reader and commenter . . ..  the sailing vessel below is proclaimed as the “world’s oldest active sailing ship.”  I’d go along with that, since I can’t name […]

Port of Venezia 2

Low bridge, lower air draft, refrigeration box on the cargo area, hand cart loaded with boxes . . . that’s how your food and drink must be delivered in Venice. Notice in white letters forward on the reefer box . . . “order and delivery” in Italian. Here are two more such cold delivery boats. […]

Government Boats 48

I’ve posted photos of USS Little Rock on this blog last winter, when it was frozen rock hard into the Montreal winter.  Its lines helped me identify these vessels some weeks back as I was driving along the eastern shore of Wisconsin, where I had stopped to see what was in the Marinette Marine yard; […]

Something Different 33

No, tugster is not launching an “antiques road show,” although that’s an idea.   I got the next three photos from Kevin, a reader in Wisconsin, who explains that his mother bought this ship’s lantern in a Malone NY antiques store “about 70 years ago.”  The place had some NYC curios;  for example, the same […]

Port of Venezia 1

I’ve never been to Venice, a fact I’d love to remedy soon;  maybe I have to visit it soon.  The third photo in this recent post about lighthouses had a mystery location.  Congratulations to Tommy Bryceland, who guessed it was Venice. Since large ships do call in Venice, there must be rimorchiatori aka tugboats, like […]

SUNY Maritime Summer Sea Term

Day 1. May 11, 2015. Later on Day 1 Day 37, refueling near Gibraltar. Day 48, Belfast Yesterday, day 92 . . . south of the 59th Street Bridge, and cadets showing their sea legs by climbing to novel places! Still later yesterday . . . passing alongside Roosevelt Island, and almost home. Credits . . .  Steve […]