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Other People’s Fotos 56

Here was 55. Glenn Raymo took this photo in Germantown yesterday, the all-new Sarah D; previously I used these photos by Glenn.  Check out an example of one of many of his zazzle products here. Sarah D until very recently was Helen D. Coppedge.  Almost all these photos were taken by other people, but I add the […]

Port of Belfast, ME

Belfast probably has fewer people than does my block in Queens, but it jam packed with character.  In fact, I wanted to move there after spending a single weekend there two years ago.  Here and here are some posts I did from there. Many thanks to Tom Mann for these photos, taken in July 2015. […]

Tugs Along the Road

The first and last fotos today come from Tom Mann, who–in spite of the port listed on this vessel’s stern–took them along the Cape Cod Canal less than a week ago.  Justice . . . launched in 2009 by Martinac Shipbuilding . . . is one vessel I’ve NOT yet seen in the sixth boro, […]

Play Boats

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the opposite of “work” is “play,”  and I will trumpet out as quickly as anyone that I love to play . . . some games, certain toys sometimes.  Of course, playing with an almost 70-year-old toy involves someone working a fair amount.  But Argosy, as old as John […]

Bright Lights . . . 2

Click below to learn what sixth boro lighthouse commissioned in 1886 had a beacon 305 feet above the water.  A final clue:  the mystery lighthouse was functioning a full 30 years before the lighthouse below at Jeffreys Hook was. Click here to see George’s foto of the Little Red Lighthouse.  And the beacon up at […]