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More Cargoes 27

Tugboats move quite the variety of materials around the boro on barges.  The brand spanking new J. Arnold Witte here moves Delaware Bay, a bucket dredge.  Doris Moran moves containers around the boro much quicker than trucks can. I had to throw this in  . . . a late 1950s Chevy pickup was moving a […]

A to P 4: Diverse Small Ships

My photos of ACP tugs are coming, just not yet because in the  unrivaled crossroads of the oceans that is the Panama Canal, a slow look-around brings unparalleled reward.  Take Pacific Hope with her classic lines in diminutive scale.   Any ideas on her mission?  I figured oceanographic research, but built in 1983 and registered in Dominica, […]

Canal Corp Boats 12

Enjoy more blue and gold boats today, and these are called SPS’s . . . as in self-propelled scows.  Generally they have a house at stern and lifting capability forward, as you can see on SPS 52.  The inclusion of these details is where the similarity among these vessels ends . . . as you […]

JR 20

With the imminent (I think) arrival in the sixth boro of a large shearleg crane for the Tappan Zee project, here’s a chance to look at one of these floating cranes.  I believe the crane known as Left Coast Lifter has a lift capacity of just under 2000 tons.   This one–Pelicano 1 (ex-Kaisei) has […]

Unusual Drive

Let’s backtrack . . .  is it only a month ago, less than a month ago, that Onrust launched?  Its inaugural trip down to the sixth boro and back evidence that Onrust the restless has reincarnated.   On that launch day, as Onrust settled to its level, tug Waterford and SPS-60 (in the distance) stood by.  […]