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Three Queens 2

Three years ago and a day exactly, I did a point-by-point comparison among QE2, QM, and QV.   I attempt something similar here.  I’ll throw out some names too, which wil be identified by the end of the post.  First set of names:  Olsen, McNaught, and Wells.  Know ’em? The foto above and the one […]

Three Queens 1

See my previous Queens posts here and  here for the 2008 three-vessel event,  and here and here for first arrivals of QV and QM2.  Last night, the newest Queen vessel departed the sixth boro for the first time escorted by QV and QM2.  Tomorrow’s post will feature some daylight shots of all three, including MS Queen Elizabeth. The following […]

Three Tankers

This Odfjell tanker has 47 tanks! I took this recently along the KVK.   Today the 1998 tanker is in the Mississippi River heading for New Orleans. Guess the age here? She’s just two years old, launched in January 2019.  Elandra Willow has departed for the next job, but this morning Elandra Oak arrived in the […]

Three Kings

Three kings parades happened today in some parts of the world . . . including East Harlem, where camels walk through Manhattan streets.    This blog has had a fair number of posts about queens, so here are some kings, though not Gaspar, Melchior or Belthasar. But here’s Ocean King, a foto I took back in […]

Queens 3

A blog that’s been following the Queens for a spell has great comparative info here between QE2 and QV, like which is faster? With that link above, be sure to scroll through the posts. Also, check out QE2‘s last go-round itinerary. My fotos taken in the rain from the Battery follow:   Notice the much-shrunk […]

Queens 2

One if by land, QM2 as seen from the “subway” thanks to rsguskind. And two if by sea. Well, “by sea” defined as midstream between the Statue and Governor’s Island. In the foreground is Cheyenne pushing some gravel barges, then the empty housing blocks of Governor’s Island, and the skyline across the invisible Buttermilk Channel […]

‘Ster Crazy 5 a

Today it’s . . . . Jeepster!  Remember Truckster! 12 about a Willys pickup project digression that was almost done? This is somewhat similar, a 1948 Willys Jeepster project that’s somewhat on hold because of virus’ suppression of travel. Back in November, my brother heard about one languishing in a barn.  This is what it […]

Truckster! 12

I started this series as an April Fools post in 2015 here.  The next day I “recanted” (actually, I gave the context I had wanted to establish all along) by focusing on the inherent economy of shipping some cargo by water rather than highway.  Then and now I want to highlight the similarity and relationship […]

Tagster! 2

Since I’m off gallivanting in a very cold place, how about some warm five-boros’ tagging, following in the spirit here. Of course, in the sixth boro, meow man rules all tagging, as I paid tribute here three years ago. Photo below I took a few weeks ago in Manhattan.  It says what Manhattan can be […]


Here was a previous series called “landmarks.” Houma at the 5. Brooklyn passing Robbins Light, with the tallest Queens building in the background and the newest hill on Governors Island–snow-covered–in between. James Turecamo passing the 3. Dace Reinauer  . . . the 30. The current Dean Reinauer  . . . south of Robbins. Click here […]