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About That Warranty

Wait . . . my phone is ringing.  To answer or not . . . THIS YM Warranty has become a regular at GCT on the Bayonne shoreline of the sixth boro. Gregg tended the portside line as she came in the other day.  I forget if she was inbound from Colon PA or Cartagena […]

Random Ships 99

Every day is Thanksgiving, but we dedicate one day to talk about it.  One undeniable detail of the US popular T’giving narrative involves a transAtlantic vessel, Mayflower.  Some of this info about the Mayflower might be new. Less than a decade after arriving in North America, it may have been dismantled and used in a […]

Something Different 72

Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and the Port ‘Liz had ships aplenty,  but the very next day it was almost empty.   In a different part of the US, TS Empire State, which just two months ago was alive and lurking beneath Throgs Neck bridge, has delivered itself to the breakers in Brownsville.  Heading back to […]

People on the Boro 27

Essential workers spend the holidays at the job site.  They always have.   Here‘s a list of types of essential workers, note that this crewman needs to catch up on sleep. I’ll let you read the faces and body language, but I’d say they’re catching up on news since they have a signal on their […]

Retro Sixth Boro 43

I hope you enjoy looking back 10 years as much as I do, although some might say I live in the past a little too much.  Here’s some dense traffic, l to r, Twisted Sisters, Lucinda Smith, Maurania III, and Petrozavosk.  Up in Lyons NY at the drydock, Governor Roosevelt shows her deep 8′ 6″ […]

Wisconsin, Louisiana, and NYC’s Sixth Boro

Not a frequent visitor to the sixth boro, it’s Barbara Carol Ann Moran . . .  with barge Louisiana built in Sturgeon Bay WI and launched a few years ago, heading for GOM via the St Lawrence. And I see it here on Thanksgiving Day.   I hope the galley of BCA Moran smells great […]

Other Peoples Photos 107

The first time I used this title, although with a pretentious spelling, was here, more than 12 years ago, a collaboration I immediately liked.  This year I’ve posted quite a few, especially in the first three months of 2022, all related to the Barge Canal.  Here’s one I’ve not posted.  I wish more text existed […]

Retro Sixth Boro (and Beyond) 31

I took this photo in Waterford eastern terminus of the Erie Canal on November 1, 2010, and the canal had not yet closed.  I had just returned from part of a transit, and we had met lots of boats.  Although we had been bound for the Great Lakes, most, like the intriguing Baidarka, was bound […]

Thankful Happy Giving

Whether you’re already on Happy River or just bearing down on (into) it, literally or just figuratively, we all have things to be happy, to be thankful, about.  Hope you feel them, and help others feel theirs. Happy thanksgiving from the tugster blog.  And thanks for continuing to read the blog, comment, and even send […]

Black Friday 2018

From a distance, all these might appear black.  But closer up . . . a lot more detail crowds out the color. Textures, labels, abrasions, assemblages and imprints . . . and lights, I just am tired of hearing about black Friday. How about black Tuesday, Thursday, hole, magic, tie, gold, list, box, market . […]