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Thanks to Jed 10

Many thanks to John Jedrlinic for sending along these photos, and thereby piquing my interest in the Kiel Canal.  At just over 60 miles with draft of 31′ and airdraft of 131′, it strikes me as a model of what could have been with the almost equally-long Delaware and Raritan (D&R) Canal.  The Kiel Canal […]

Thanks to Jed 9

Another tug Jed photographed in Rotterdam is Jaro II. The 1990 Damen STAN 2909 appears to have a stop in the Netherlands after having worked in the Dutch Antilles and before going to Portugal.   Unlike a lot of Damen STAN products, Jaro II was built in the Netherlands.   Thanks much, Jed.     […]

Thanks to Jed 8

Jed–John Jedrlinic–has been busy, but recently he sent some photos from Rotterdam. ALP Winger is a huge anchor-handling tug:  213′ 59′ x 25′ He got these photos in Rotterdam, but the boat is currently in the Azores. With her five mains, she generates over 18000 horsepower.   This is definitely a boat for a niche. […]

Thanks to Jed 7

It’s been a while since I posted any of Jed’s shots, but I hold them to concentrate them rather than posting them one or two  at a time. Anyhow, of the photo below, Jed writes:  “[Atlas 1974] is my first Estonian tug . . . .” although this photo shows her in Dutch waters. Esvagt […]

Thanks to Jed 6

I’m off gallivanting around NYC and getting more Fleet Week photos, so I’m happy to put up some more of John Jedrlinic’s photos. Let’s start with an unusual angle . . . it’s Smit Indusbank, built 1968 in the Netherlands. Pelican II seems to have started life on the Vistula River, upstream from Gdansk, in […]

Thanks to Jed 5

Click here to see previous sets sent along by Jed.  This set I’m arranging by year of build.   1972. A little info more, she’s 98′ x 30.’ 1977.  She’s a bit larger, 115′ x 33.’ 1978.  Husky has been renamed Maro, and she’s massive, 197′ x 50′ and moved by 12,000 hp. 1998.  115′ […]

Thanks to Jed 4

Click here for previous photos from Jed.  Click here for a photo of John W. Brown when she housed a high school in the sixth boro, pre-1988.  Jed took these photos while he was onboard in Norfolk this past weekend.   Click here for info about her September 2016 visit back to her place when she […]

Thanks to Jed 3

Over the past few years, John Jedrlinic aka “Jed” has shared a lot of photos he’s taken near Norfolk, which is great since otherwise I’d never have seen some of these.  Take Huntington, below, apparently the in-house tug of the shipyard in Newport News. Or McAllister Boys, I’ve no idea which foreign port she works out […]

Thanks to Jed 2

Here was the first post in this series. Jed took these in the Chesapeake a few years back.   I believe that’s TSH dredge Liberty Island on the far side of freight barge Columbia Elizabeth.   Prime mover here is Katie G. McAllister, which appeared here almost two years ago. Donal G. McAllister is another […]

Thanks to Jed

… John Jedrlinic, that is.  Jed has sent along quite a few photos, some of which you can see here. I believe all these photos were taken in Baltimore in September 2011.  I’ve been to Baltimore, but I’ve never seen a Krause tug.  More of my photos from Baltimore here, and maybe I should head […]