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Tagster 9

It’s been over a year since I posted “tagster 8” and this is just a small sample of murals I’ve seen and photographed since then. Appropriately, the first two were taken in one of my all-time favorite places . . . . Hannibal MO.  I want to go back to that town that was really […]

Tagster 8

How about murals from Buffalo to Cape Charles  . . .  and from December to April.     And many places in between, physical locales and   head spaces.         Venus of the Chesapeake? All photos along the road hither and yon by WVD.  A big birthday post is coming tomorrow . […]

Tagster 7

Tagster 5 was posted exactly a year ago, so I’m taking that as license to revisit the series… today, when people put on masks.  Murals on buildings add color and design.  Whenever I have time to kill in a new or even familiar city, I wander around, getting exercise while at the same time looking […]

Road Fotos 2021 E

Still not back along the sixth boro . . . and so here are more photos from along the road . . .  Some murals are faded and others recently applied.  The one below must require some local knowledge to explain the juxtaposition of agriculture and defense. Others make sense as reminders of a journey […]

Tagster 6

Today I pass a personal milestone . . . er, year stone, so the editors in Tugster Tower allow me to veer off topic . . .  first, to muse about the effect of picking up a camera and navigating life with it.  While I mostly photograph “sixth boro … and beyond” things that float, […]

Tagster 5

I blamed Christina Sun aka bowsprite for starting permutations of “tugster,” but I’m not revealing any great secret to say I’m glad for her influence.  Unrelated to that and her, I went to a new part of the “terre-est boros” the other day, of course a boat was involved . . . but more on […]

Brigitte Bardot

Is this the latest tagster post?  A fan club for an octogenarian who quickened the pulse of boys I knew back in the 1950s and 1960s? And this? MV Brigitte Bardot is one of the “Neptune’s navy.”  Almost 10 years ago, I toured another one of their vessels, Steve Irwin, while it was in NYC. Irwin […]

Random Tugs 249

The blog is called tugster, and not tatter, taster, tagster or truckster, as much fun as those digressions may be, being able to be a bit obsessively focused, this is the 249th installment!   If you add in the non-random tug posts, it’s even more than 249. W. O. Decker, the only wooden-hulled tug in […]

Tagster 4

Happy September 3,  and August 2 and  . . . well, someone’s vision of  the moment or a zeitgeist, heritage, zeitgeist, heritage, zeitgeist, heritage… All photos by Will Van Dorp, who thinks that’s where a tension exists.  

Tagster 3

Here were previous installments of this. These images are intriguing.  They challenge the brain.  Have I seen these before somewhere? In a dream maybe? These are on a building near the midtown cruise terminal. But here  . . . recognize these on a building along the major avenue? They conjure up historical Assyrians passing laws? […]