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Tagster 8

How about murals from Buffalo to Cape Charles  . . .  and from December to April.     And many places in between, physical locales and   head spaces.         Venus of the Chesapeake? All photos along the road hither and yon by WVD.  A big birthday post is coming tomorrow . […]

Tagster 7

Tagster 5 was posted exactly a year ago, so I’m taking that as license to revisit the series… today, when people put on masks.  Murals on buildings add color and design.  Whenever I have time to kill in a new or even familiar city, I wander around, getting exercise while at the same time looking […]

Tagster 6

Today I pass a personal milestone . . . er, year stone, so the editors in Tugster Tower allow me to veer off topic . . .  first, to muse about the effect of picking up a camera and navigating life with it.  While I mostly photograph “sixth boro … and beyond” things that float, […]

Tagster 5

I blamed Christina Sun aka bowsprite for starting permutations of “tugster,” but I’m not revealing any great secret to say I’m glad for her influence.  Unrelated to that and her, I went to a new part of the “terre-est boros” the other day, of course a boat was involved . . . but more on […]

Tagster 4

Happy September 3,  and August 2 and  . . . well, someone’s vision of  the moment or a zeitgeist, heritage, zeitgeist, heritage, zeitgeist, heritage… All photos by Will Van Dorp, who thinks that’s where a tension exists.  

Tagster 3

Here were previous installments of this. These images are intriguing.  They challenge the brain.  Have I seen these before somewhere? In a dream maybe? These are on a building near the midtown cruise terminal. But here  . . . recognize these on a building along the major avenue? They conjure up historical Assyrians passing laws? […]

Tagster! 2

Since I’m off gallivanting in a very cold place, how about some warm five-boros’ tagging, following in the spirit here. Of course, in the sixth boro, meow man rules all tagging, as I paid tribute here three years ago. Photo below I took a few weeks ago in Manhattan.  It says what Manhattan can be […]


I blame my dear friend Christina Sun for this post.  Well, “blame” is the wrong word, but I’ll use it. She started it many years ago with this post on her blog, a project which I believe is “under re-powering and life extension,” to borrow someone else’s phrasing, and needs some encouragement, although she’ll blame […]

Road Fotos 2021 E

Still not back along the sixth boro . . . and so here are more photos from along the road . . .  Some murals are faded and others recently applied.  The one below must require some local knowledge to explain the juxtaposition of agriculture and defense. Others make sense as reminders of a journey […]

Creek: Newtown 2

All photos in this post come from Paul Strubeck, who has started a blog here called vintagedieseldesign. Mary H is the right size to serve the fuel storage in Newtown Creek, a renowned location in the sixth boro. Here are previous posts I’ve done there. The first oil refinery in the US was sited here, […]