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Random Tankers 6

Here’s what the Upper Bay looks like on an overcast but calm dawn . . . with panamax  Torm Elizabeth being lightened by Josephine and her barge.  The tanker is not quite a year old.  There’s a lot going on in that expanse of protected water:  ferries passing, lots of tug/barge units anchored, Nautical Janine […]

Random Ships 84

I’d wager that more than two thousand cargo ships dock in the sixth boro each year.  This morning as I write this, I count  20 in all, including the second of the 15k ULCVs, CMA CGM Panama.  No, I didn’t get photos because . . . I was workbound. All these photos I took in […]

Names 37

Quick  . ..  name the ship name the ONE vessel  . . . The first three photos were taken Sunday by Bjoern of the New York Media Boat. And if you know the tugs in the sixth boro you have a 75% chance of naming all tugs here too . . .   three of […]

Names 35

or . . . whatever happened to Surfer Rosa?  As it turns out, she’s still around and at sea, headed from Houston to Iran.  Hmm.  Do you realize there is a surfing scene in Iran? SBI Subaru?  It has nothing to do with the automobile; instead, it’s named for the same constellation as the automobile, […]

Names 27

Here was 25. Read those place names:  Shellsea, Rowboaten, Flushwick, Rikers Reef, and Yankee Aquarium.  Then there are landmasses like CUNY Island.  The map called NY Sea is the creation of Jeffrey Linn, an Urban Planner/Designer, focusing primarily on walkable communities and Safe Routes to School issues. He writes, “I do a lot of mapping […]

Still Balancing

I wrote “Balancing” a year ago and the “. . . or Not” version in July, and still feel the same. Change feels threatening; even my familiar looks quite gawky when he molts.   Here’s my latest Red Hook sugar mill ex-Revere Sugar space foto, looking like a war zone. Change–improvement or degradation– is threatening, […]

Names 5

Previously I marvelled about tug names like Iron Mike, but recently tanker names have caught my fancy. My favorite has to be Surfer Rosa below. Do you suppose tanker Surfer Rosa inspired the title of the Pixies album?   Below, still fully loaded, she chills after a stormy crossing. Too much surfing makes for blotchy […]

Random Tugs 282

On a recent foggy rainy day, I caught Elk River bunkering (I believe) Maritime Kelly Anne.  That’s certainly an interesting name, although yesterday Endless Summer topped it, arriving from Brasil.  Might there be a string of ships with movie name references out on the oceans? I love how fog narrows the depth of field in […]