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Super Bull Crane 4

As I approached the stoplight, I had to look twice . . . is it possible that a repurposing of the super bull crane has been implemented?  I know it’s sometimes breezy out this time of year, so might this be a sturdier way of supporting traffic signals? I made the next available turn to […]

Super Bull Crane 3

She arrived in the harbor almost six years ago, just before the annual football event, and that’s why I called her that.  Speculation about a name change then from Left Coast Lifter had been rampant, but so far as I know, she has remained LCL. Above, that’s the last photo I took of her by […]

Super Balls 2

This follows on my previous balls and bulls posts.  If you read this closely, you’ll have a sense of my favorite team, this year or in all the previous years. Ball 1,     This is Ball 4.   So I walk.  Super!  All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Super Bull Crane 2

Many thanks to Bjoern Kils of for use of this foto.  Check out Bjoern’s website here. And many thanks to Phil Little for the rest of these shots.  I’m certain Phil won’t object to sharing the text that accompanied these fotos, as it too captures the moment: “I went to the viewing site today […]

Super Bull Crane

It’s referred to now as Left Coast Lifter, I Lift NY, Ichabod Crane, and others.  But I call it arrived and on a glorious if frigid morning. Touchdown!! And Lauren Foss is the clear MVP. Bravo to all the crews and people behind the crews! All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  More soon. Here and […]