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Super Balls 2

This follows on my previous balls and bulls posts.  If you read this closely, you’ll have a sense of my favorite team, this year or in all the previous years. Ball 1,     This is Ball 4.   So I walk.  Super!  All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Super Balls Sunday

Today, in honor of all the wings folks will eat while watching balls move in various ways so that gold can enter the coffers of burly boys calling themselves patriots and equally burly ones calling going by “giants,” and inspired by bowsprite’s clarity and conciseness on the subject of balls, I thought to reflect on […]

Dropped Balls and New Years Ships

January 1 glides in as some folks pay attention to dropped things like balls and quite unusual and unexpected other items.  In fact, in a few weeks media will be mentioning balls in bowls ad nauseum. My surprise on my new year’s morning jaunt was that two tankers side by side sported baskets.  See it on […]


Personal disclosure:  I used to enjoy playing football, but I’ve never watched a Super Bowl game.  I certainly have no feelings at all about any team, any sport.  But with all this talk of seahawks and broncos on ground hog day, I’m not oblivious: ground pork meatballs will go in my lunch stew.  This morning […]