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Summertime Blues 3

The sixth boro–just like those other ones–is a crossroads.  In just a short span of time,  boats from Texas (note the Great Loop pennant on the bow)  and Quebec pass . . . and they’re soon out of sight and gone.  But occasionally, boats pass through, singly or in twos, and you can follow their […]

Summertime Blues 2

Does “shiny” help you beat away the blues?  My first thought upon seeing this boat was that it might be made by the same folks who designed the stern of a Citroen DS.  Any guesses on the price you’d pay to buy this 44′ runabout? Some folks cruise slowly, and other go so fast I […]

Summertime Blues 1

… as in “ain’t no [time] for [them] as well as “ain’t no cure for them.”  Here’s to all ways of getting on the water for fun . . . aka whatever boat’s your float!  So here’s an idea:  send me your best “beat the summertime blues” fotos  and I’ll post them.  I have some […]

Sixth Boro Summer

I’ve written about summertime and about summertime blues–about beating them.  But since you can’t ever step into the same river twice, or gallivant in the same primordial first boro, here’s the 2016 version of trying to capture the sixth boro with a camera on a hot summer weekend afternoon, looking for shade–any shade will do– […]

Kenny G

Monday of this week I saw Kenny G for only the second time.  Scroll through here for a foto from my first sighting. Kenny G was docked halfway up Newtown Creek with a deck barge on the nose. No summertime blues here. Please go back to yesterday’s post and suggest a caption there so that […]