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Sum of the Parts 4

Interesting name . . . I thought it was the number “3” in Arabic, but I was wrong.  Anyone know the reference? Clever logo . . . Feel like Wheel of Fortune yet? I can tell you that’s Capt. Brian . . . and you can probably tell me the location, by the tall tapered […]

Sum of the Parts 3

Here was 2, nearly three years ago.  I could also call this “some of the parts,” which is what I show . . . and you guess the rest. We start with an easy one;  answer will be clear once you get through a half dozen or so. The ladders are distinctive. I airbrushed out […]

Sum of the Parts 2

Back when Alice Oldendorff occupied a large part of my  . ..  well, nautical heart, I did a post examining her parts, discovering –of course– her magic created a presence much greater than their sum, a fact I cherish in all those I love. Some recent fotos suggested I revisit this title.  Of course, parts often bear no resemblance […]

+Sum of the Parts

We’re each more than the sum of our parts. Fine writing speaks between the lines; a limerick says more than its AABBA five part rhyme. Feast your eyes on the parts below, the activity on this behemoth. Who might she be?   Access to or from gravelly fun, controlled by the helmeted crewman at the […]

Sixth Boro Summer 3

Lest you think Combi-Dock III and Peking–I will get back to them– are the only thing happening in the watery parts of NYC, here’s just a sampling . . . in a series I started last summer. SBI Macarena –a fairly new bulk carrier– came in past the Brooklynside ramps for the VZ Bridge, passing […]

City of Water All Summer

While I was out documenting the excitement of the annual merfolk migration, there was an equal amount of excitement on all the waters that comprise the sixth boro.  Of course, your focus is your choice.  All photos here were taken by David Grill and used with permission. The Liberty Challenge brought in racers from all […]

Summertime Blues 1

… as in “ain’t no [time] for [them] as well as “ain’t no cure for them.”  Here’s to all ways of getting on the water for fun . . . aka whatever boat’s your float!  So here’s an idea:  send me your best “beat the summertime blues” fotos  and I’ll post them.  I have some […]

+Sum Queen

I tried this with Alice once; now let’s put QM2 to this scrutiny, thanks to some fantastic!!! pics in this link. It’s written in Danish, which I don’t read, but the fotos of the QM‘s mast and funnel squeezing under the VZ Bridge astound me. Scroll down through, as best pix are near the end. […]

Government Ships 6

Here’s a mouthful:  behold the quite newly commissioned “French FREMM multi-mission frigate, Aquitaine.” The blue shed along her starboard side gives away the location . . .  that’s Red Hook .  .  . south end of  Brooklyn Bridge park. Here’s the sum of the parts, at sunrise this morning.  For a CGI walk through, click […]

Random Ships 75

Odfjell tankers of this and recent generations all look the same, so since I was able to get only the name, you can conjure up the rest.  Bow Chain here was departing NYC and is currently in Houston.  Previously, Bow Chain appeared on this blog here. Previous Odfjell tankers in the sixth boro include Bow […]