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‘Ster Crazy 5 b

Thanks to all who wrote concerned notes about my being away from the blog.  I had said I wanted to get away from the city and the blogger’s desk.  l’m back renewed although restless with conflicting ideas about where I’m headed.  These roosters, and all they had to say,  were part my company in the […]

‘Ster Crazy 5 a

Today it’s . . . . Jeepster!  Remember Truckster! 12 about a Willys pickup project digression that was almost done? This is somewhat similar, a 1948 Willys Jeepster project that’s somewhat on hold because of virus’ suppression of travel. Back in November, my brother heard about one languishing in a barn.  This is what it […]

‘Ster Crazy 6

I’d never have guessed that the best thing I’d find at the “big orange” home fixups big box store was in the parking lot. I recognized immediately what it was, and I knew the AMC owned the brand for a few years.  Wiilys Overland became Kaiser Willys, which lost money and in 1970 was sold […]

‘Ster Crazy 4

Thanks for your great response with the ‘ster crazy suggestions.  Today we go  . . . Capster. I’m not really a ball cap wearer, but I have at least 20 in my closet. The idea for capster comes from Capt. Tommy Bryceland, whose photos you’ve previously seen on tugster here. In this part of his […]

‘Ster Crazy 3

The background for this ‘ster crazy series is here.   Also, it was just over five years ago that I first strayed into the truckster realm.   today . . . after sitting on these photos too many months, let’s do . . . Roadster.  Imagine you have a Triumph Vitesse, early 1960s, a unique car, […]

‘Ster Crazy 2

Toyster suggestion comes from Charles A Crosby, who writes:  “Toy fleet I built for my grandsons. Wood, no plans just all by eye.  The laker [which looks a lot like Roger Blough] is around 10.5″ and large container ship is 12″.   The ships are in a general scale . . . not perfect by […]

‘Ster Crazy 1

Social distancing  . . . we hope it’s playing a role in defeating the spread of infection, so it’s not really true that we’re going stir crazy; instead, we do good by limiting travel and seeing this time as a godsend, an opportunity to face long-postponed tasks.  So for the near future, we’ll be posting […]

Crazy Patterns 2

Here was the first of this series, from over four years ago.  And what’s this?  whose wake prints? Answer?  It’s the flotilla assisting Hanjin San Francisco into Port Elizabeth.  Four months ago I caught San Fran outbound . . . here . . . scroll through. Let’s do an anatomy of wakes on a curve […]

Hudson River Tugboat Race 1952

The race took place exactly 60 years ago today, and megathanks and superkudos to Harold Tartell for finding fotos of more than half of the boats involved in the race. Top Class A (over 1250 hp) finisher was Reading Lines Shamokin. Second was Barbara Moran. No foto found yet of third place Socony 11, but […]

Relief Crew 15: Operation Noah

Narrative by Pamela Syndercombe, sent to me as email, abridged by me.  It’s winter in South Africa. “I set off in my bakkie  (small pickup) to watch the progress up the Rooi Hooghter Pass, which one climbs to enter Villiersdorp.   The vintage tractors trundled slowly along to gather just outside the village to escort […]