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Stephen Reinauer

Why gild then lily?  Why add a lot of text when a well-operated machine looks this good?   For a curriculum vitae of this machine, click here.       All photos byWill Van Dorp.

Random Tugs 291

Now that I’m at installment 291 of this series, I’m rethinking the adjective random.  Check out these meanings old and new here. But “random” it is until I come up with a better word.  I’d rejected the descriptor “miscellaneous” when I first started.  How about one from this list:  some, select, chance, serendipitous, entropic, stochastic […]

Random Tugs 288

Stephen Reinauer westbound as the sun heads in the same direction. Mary Turecamo assists an MOL ship into port. Ava M pushes toward the pilot’s door on the side of another container ship. James D heads to the next job amid two container ships in the approaches. Margaret throttles up alongside. James William travels toward […]

Random Tugs 282

On a recent foggy rainy day, I caught Elk River bunkering (I believe) Maritime Kelly Anne.  That’s certainly an interesting name, although yesterday Endless Summer topped it, arriving from Brasil.  Might there be a string of ships with movie name references out on the oceans? I love how fog narrows the depth of field in […]

Random Tugs 261

Let’s start with the photo I did NOT get, but jag9889 did;  click here to see Resolve Commander and (in the photo stream) the barge it towed Thursday carrying the remaining TZ Bridge structure out to sea.   Bravo jag . . . . I’ve long enjoyed your work. The photo below raises some questions […]

Random Tugs 217

Genesis Vision has just gone onto the wire from alongside, and tightens it, moving the barge outbound for Florida.  Click here for a 2013 photo of Genesis Vision as Superior Service. Stephen Reinauer steams out to the Lower Bay to stand by with a barge just vacated by Timothy L. McKinley Sea returns in the […]

Random Tugs 201

Enjoy this sampling of boats and the dates associated with their launch starting from Arabian Sea (2007) on Dry Dock No. 7, Stephen Reinauer (1970) nearby on 4, Miss Circle Line . . . (1954 as ST 2124 and later Betsy) , Alex McAllister (1985), Joyce D. Brown (2002) headed home after completing the daily chores, […]

KVK Dawn 3

Here were some previous posts with “dawn” in the title.  I’d hoped to get photos like these on Easter Sunday, but  overcast skies obscured the sun rise color. Sunrise this particular morning was 0643.  The photo below was at 0644. Quantico Creek pushes a barge eastward while Stephen Reinauer heads west.   Curtis Reinauer westbound; […]

Ice 5

Taken Feb 4 by Bjoern Kils . . . the spearhead. Taken this morning by bowsprite, the onslaught of frazil ice.  Is that Amy C. McAllister pushing the Bouchard barge? Anyone guess the light tug in front of Ellis Island? And taken yesterday by Allen Baker looking over the stern of Mediterranean Sea northward toward Albany, the […]

Thanks to David Silver 2

Here’s the first in this series.   David sent me some photos earlier this week and offered to write the commentary as well.  Hence the quotation marks. “Marie J. Turecamo steam harmlessly through the harbor.” “James Turecamo makes a splash as she heads towards the Kill.” Lincoln Sea sits patiently in the notch of the […]