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Stacks 8

Sorry, folks.  I hit the “post” rather than the “save” button once again.  Well, enjoy the photos.  I’m going to take some time off. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x All photos, WVD, who has thousands more.

Stacks 7

Identity and ownership or affiliation can be read from vessel stacks.  Seeing the photo below with the gray, blue, and gold rings over a white stack . . .  you might know that could be only one of two vessels, USNS Comfort, which it is, or USNC Mercy.  Other USNS or Military Sealift Command vessels […]

Stacks 6

Here are the previous five in this series. Triple engine/screw/stack Andrea’ might be the “newest” tugboat in the sixth boro.  All those triples is not something you see every day.  Of course, in the inland waters quadruples show up some time.   My question is . . . why is there that apostrophe after the […]

Stacks 5

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I used this title, and again, a FB thread brings this one up. No need for much text here, let’s take photos of stacks, like the guy at the rail here. Most of these I took in the month of March 2014. The name plate here betrays a […]

Stacks 4

Flinterborg update:  Confirmed departure time Oct 7 at 7 a.m. from Port of Albany, bound for sea.  That sounds like late morning  past the Rondout, mid-dayish through Poughkeepsie, and late afternoon (dusk?) through the sixth boro.  Advice:  Don’t trust me to calculate “boat/ship time.”   In spite of the rainy forecast, I’ll be at one […]

Stacks 3

Unrelated to stacks:  as of this moment–8 am local time sixth boro–Flinterborg is off Sandy Hook inbound for Albany to load the Dutch barges for return.  Through Narrows by 9 at this rate? Stack logo on an independent boat like  Shenandoah reminds me of nose art on WW2-era airplanes.  I’m surprised nose art– way forward […]

Stacks 2

Unrelated first:  trimaran Zamna . ..  was identified by Soundbounder‘s Matt Housekeeper, foto’d by Bowsprite’s magic lens in September, and posted on asleep-at-switch tugster twice… most recently two days ago here (scroll to the end).    Here’s Zamna’s own site.  Is anyone who took fotos of it close-up at Chelsea Piers willing to share them […]

Stacks 1

This could be called “How to identify a tug:  start by recognizing fleets.”  Long neck and short stack . .  or vice versa.  Bound for  the North River are McAllister Responder with tall ringed stack and Norwegian Sea with tall orange-tipped house and mustard stack. The height of wheelhouse matters not:  tall orange-and-black house here–along […]

Fruits of Preservation 4

OK . . . I’ve got had with the the “vessel demolition” gag.  How embarrassing!   .  Check the comments for part 3;  the problems with the design are real.  Talk about confirmation bias!  Yes, I do not like the structure, a $200 million place to take selfies!  Egads! Here’s a call to help with a […]

Lashing and More

The ONE Apus “dump” must have some folks wondering how containers are secured.  The answer is lashing, and it is not new, but it has changed over centuries.  Today’s lashing rods are an outgrowth of containerization, attempts to prevent what happened with ONE Apus and many other vessels.  See the turnbuckles on the lower ends […]