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Stacks 8

Sorry, folks.  I hit the “post” rather than the “save” button once again.  Well, enjoy the photos.  I’m going to take some time off. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x All photos, WVD, who has thousands more.

Stacks 7

Identity and ownership or affiliation can be read from vessel stacks.  Seeing the photo below with the gray, blue, and gold rings over a white stack . . .  you might know that could be only one of two vessels, USNS Comfort, which it is, or USNC Mercy.  Other USNS or Military Sealift Command vessels […]

Non-Random Tugs 13

Here’s a post I struggled with yesterday.  The photos are not the best to document what I saw:  a convergence of tugboats that all used to wear the same livery but now bearing new names. Susan Rose used to be Evening Breeze.  Although you can see part of the name plate, the stack has not […]

Emma Rose

Thanks to Ben Moll, here and below is Emma Rose’ first minutes in the sixth boro, last August.  She has a B on the stack, and front of the house below.  Next to her is the tugboat that has become Miss Madeline.  Four months later, I caught Emma Rose in a cold wintry dry dock […]

Old Hulls, Old and New Names

Not quite half a year ago, I used a variation on this title, but photos I took yesterday necessitate a modification as you see above.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this nameplate on the most famous–and only–wooden hulled tugboat in the sixth boro. I’d noticed before on AIS that there was USCG vessel in […]

Second Lives 34

A year ago I posted some photos of Charles Burton in the last days before being painted anew.  She still had the Vane Brothers livery although the blue V on the stack had been removed. This past weekend I caught the same boat, now called Helen, in the distance but from roughly the same angle.  […]

Non-Random Tugs 18 B

Sarah D is here because before wearing the attractive NYS Marine Highway colors, she wore Moran colors for about 20 years, as seen here.  What I thought remarkable about that afternoon is that all the photos here were taken in the space of half an hour the other day.  An outatowner watching traffic on the sixth […]

Random Ships 103

The sixth boro always provides lots to look at and wonder about.  USNS Watson and Regulus, both are getting some service at Bayonne dry dock.  Heroic Leader, 7500-car capacity, departs with “who-knows-what” in her hold.  She’s currently approaching the Panama Canal Ever Front arrived soon after  Ever Fame had departed.  There are a total of […]

Other Peoples Photos 107

The first time I used this title, although with a pretentious spelling, was here, more than 12 years ago, a collaboration I immediately liked.  This year I’ve posted quite a few, especially in the first three months of 2022, all related to the Barge Canal.  Here’s one I’ve not posted.  I wish more text existed […]

1922 Side Wheel Tugboat

Thanks to Jan van der Doe, enjoy these photos of a radschleppdampfer, translated as “side wheel steamer,” a museum ship in Duisburg, Germany. The side wheel barge tug Oscar Huber was built in Duisburg Ruhrort in 1922. She towed barges until 1966 between Rotterdam and Karlsruhe, about a 300-mile trip on the Rhine. She’s a […]