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Badger Moods

Noon August 14 2 pm August 14 Noon August 28 2 pm August 28 Noon September 1 And since I missed her departure that day, here’s a few seconds later than the previous photo. All photos by Will Van dorp, who has a sense sense that SS Badger is a dinosaur in a number of […]

Badger and Deer

This follows on a post from six years ago entitled “dog and badger, which you can read here. Really the post is about SS Badger, the last of the Great Lakes car ferries.  There is Pere Marquette 41, of course, and although I’ve seen her on AIS, I’ve never laid eyes on the real deal. […]

Lake Express

aka, trans-Michigan and not Badger.  More on Badger later. Lakes Express entered service in 2004, max speed at 34 kts., and has capacity for 44 cars, 12 motorcycles, and 248 passengers. It crosses the Lake between Milwaukee and Muskegon in 150 minutes with up to 8 crew.     Until 1970, this run was made […]

Badger 2

In case you missed the video of car ferry  Badger‘s arrival one day in late June, it’s here. Rainy weather had caused a lot of runoff, turning the water two shades of Lake Michigan.  And once I got thinking about weather, and the word got stuck in my brain along with this absurd video clip […]

1952 Cross-Lake Ferry

I did two posts on Badger —here and here–back in 2012.  But until these photos this week, which I’m using with permission from FB’s SS Badger: Lake Michigan Car Ferry, I’d never seen her underwater ship lines. Above, that’s a ice-reinforced hull.  Read about her dry dock visit here. As I write, she’s in dry […]

Mississippi Watershed 3

Name that river where the hunters are putting in their boat on a ramp that’s showing some roughness?  If the guy taking fotos turns around, you’ll see this arch by Saarinen.  So it’s a low water Mississippi, making the levees seem even higher than the posted 38′ to the street.  By the way, I hadn’t […]

US Route 10 Badger

This does not look like a highway scene, yet it IS the stretch of Route 10 that will get you the best fuel economy and can accommodate quite oversized loads whether they come from Manitowoc or Chengxi or anywhere else, Badger can move backward driven from here or forward . . . to get you […]

Dog and Badger

A salmon-fishing dog in a kayak being paddled by a human and tailed by a Coast Guard RIB . . . that’s intriguing, but the 50 or so folks with me at the end of the jetty were not there to greet the pooch.  We were there to see the badger, this Badger. Badger entered […]


We’re now in the last Great Lake of the trip, but that is a big lake.  In late afternoon, we pass Poverty Island, with its light sans lantern. Here’s more on the island. Morning found us in Manitowoc, looking at Neeskay, a 1953 Higgins T-boat. Any water visit to Manitowoc of course gets intruded on […]

GWA9: ending up in Indiana

The channels –here negotiated by Pride–run close to shore along the southern side of Mackinac Island, necessitating careful monitoring of navaids, here is Buckthorn. Near the strait that forms the somewhat undefined boundary between Huron and Michigan,  we meet Sharon M I pushing Huron Spirit, the barge and not the pilot boat by the same name. […]