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Springtime on an LCM 2

Here was the previous installment.  And here were the cargos and places of summer.  And if you missed it previously, here’s an article about Seaway Supplier I published in Professional Mariner last year.  The first six photos are used with permission from Seaway Marine Group. Trucks like the ones with the white tanks transport stocks of fish […]

Springtime on an LCM

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s my Professional Mariner article on “barging” in the area of the St. Lawrence River called the Thousand Islands. Since there’s plenty of reading there, I’ll just make this mostly a photo post.  LCM owner Jake Van Reenen took all but the last three photos in this post. In February, […]

Summer on an LCM

Here was “springtime.”  All the following photos taken by Jake Van Reenen this past summer show the variety of cargoes moved.                         Many thanks to Jake for use of these photos.  

Arnold D

We came across this bridge inspection operation between E-13 and E-12 eastbound on the Canal in the town of Fonda, NY, not far from the speedway, which has hosted motor racing for 90 (!!) years,  and the fair, which is way older. But the other day, Arnold D, of Seaway Marine Group, stood by and […]

Dead Ship 2

Jake Van Reenen captured this procession yesterday on the upstream end of the Thousand Islands.  The photos are not bright, but that’s appropriate for a trip of this sort. The you see a ship with towlines fore and aft and new paint splotches that appear to be covering something . . . it means only […]