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Tugs on the Sound 1

Here are some previous Sound posts. Recognize those buildings about 30 miles from my location? How about this tug with a string of scows?   Yacht traffic in this location between Huntington and Stamford seemed to be in a hurry. If you didn’t recognize this tug earlier you can’t miss the name now . . . […]

Sound Ferries 2

After I return to CSF with a camera, I’ll pick up part 1 again.   For now, let’s look at another ferry line that crosses the Sound.  By the way, how many ferries do you see in the photo below? It was a foggy day in Port Jefferson that I chose to walk on for […]

Sound Ferries 1

New London with bow ramp open here . . . has to be the fastest and one of the cleanest boat for Cross Sound Ferry (CSF).  I mean cleanest burning,  with its recently added Tier 3 Cummins power.  She was CSF’s first new build, coming off the ways in New London in 1979. What I […]

Sound Platform

Let’s start at the Mattituck Inlet . . . and look east.  I’d never had a sense of the bluffs here. I’d come here to catch a glimpse of the platform, the only deepwater petroleum platform on the US east coast, I’m told. It was built in the 1960s by Northville Industries, which in the […]

Three Hours on the Sound 2

Here was the previous post. It was all highlights while taking two ferries to get from Long Island to my destination, but here are some photos.  I left Orient Point along with small fishing boats like Fishy Business, 1995 built. North Star, built in 1968 as an offshore supply vessel, was purchased by Cross Sound Ferry in […]

Three Hours on the Sound

This follows the post where I got to spend four times as long on Long Island Sound, a truly remarkable place.  The trip last week brought sights and surprises enough to warrant a repeat trip soon.  Here, a bait boat (?) passes a renowned Plum Island facility.  Back to this later in the post. We’re headed to […]

Twelve Hours on the Sound

USMMA Foundation vessel Tortuga needed hands for a transit from Kings Point to Newport RI, where it is serving as support for Warrior Sailing program races this weekend.  I didn’t wait for a second call. I just needed to get there by 0250.  No problem, since this IS my favorite time of “day.” Many thanks […]

Squeeze, Seven Seas, and Sounds of the Season

Call this  . . . everything but the kitchen sink and ballast water. I’m still arrested by the thought of the squeezing pressure on this hook dangling from the boom of Chesapeake 1000 and all the loads its carried.  Click here and here for that hook and crane on other gargantuan jobs.   Here’s one […]

Truckster! 18

See the previous 17 posts off along this tangent here. Let’s start here.  Name that truck.  Answer follows. How about this vehicle, with its brand info stripped off? It should be easier from this angle. If you were wondering about the context for the top photo, here’s more of the field.  Note the USCG members […]

Deep and Clear

You’ve likely walked in a muddy wilderness area and seen animal tracks and tried to identify then.  Or, you’ve had the same experience with tracks in the snow.  So what would leave these tracks on AIS? The vessel has been working the Sound for a few weeks.   The two blue vessels here are Cross […]