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Something Different 36 d

Here are some closer-up photos of the 1916 Hudson Hillclimber.  Some of the cars in the race had no means of covering up the “interior.” This is a rally,; hence the large chronometer with the clipboard maintained by the navigator.   Blush, blush . . . I don’t know what car this was, but I’ll […]

Something Different 36 c

Since it’s part c, you know what to do.  And I have one more batch . . . closeups . . . if I get the nod #1 “Land cruiser” today means something different, not nearly so cruise-worthy.   If you’re ever near South Bend, check this place out.  The company that made this car […]

Something Different 36 b

Pollsters say you want more, so here we go.   As evidence of some effort to connect this out to tugster’s water focus, I’ll go back to a photo I took in mid-August 2014 in Wolcott NY. If I did the Great Race, I’d want a floating module, like the one of this 1930 Ford […]

Something Different 36 a

Twenty years ago . . . 1998 . . .  I had a “weatherproof” film camera I used to create evidence of all the hiking I was doing, vistas I enjoyed, and camps I woke up in;  I lived in Haverhill MA, a three-hour shot up to the White Mountains Friday afternoon when I got […]

Something Different 53 b

This happens to be the 1953 Hobo, but any boat single, twin, triple, or quadruple looks like this when first hauled out. And here . . . after a shave and haircut,and some good pomade.  She’s 38′ 12′. The unicorn here is W. O. Decker, 1930, wooden-hulled. She’d been power washed but was waiting for […]

Something Different 52

I hope this post elucidates what goes on in this photographer’s mind while taking photos, and later at home–in my own type of darkroom–while examining the “catch,” so to speak. I’d seen these mergansers swim by while I was waiting for a ship. Two minutes after that . . . in my zoom, I could […]

Something Different 50

This follows such “something different” posts as Whatzit 41 and 39, Something Different 48 and Irene Aftermath 1 and 2.  If you’re not familiar with the color coding, blue is for passenger vessels, pink is personal vessels, and aqua is tugboats.  A circle means anchored or moored and an arrow means underway.   These two […]

Something Different 49*

*I could have called this “ports of ___” because I’m not telling you yet where this unexpected location is.  Not yet.  Tomorrow. These photos were sent to me yesterday.  And I’m asking for your help if you chose, later in this post. Here are the wares delivered by the “french bakery” boat. In tomorrow’s post, […]

Something Different 48

Before the internet and interactive maps of all sorts, I covered my walls with maps and studied atlases.  I’ve moved along with some technological modifications.  Recently when a friend reported a planned trip to Guinea Conakry, I was looking at various ships in the offing there, and saw this notation below for STI Onyx.   […]

Something Different 45

Ferries cross the entrance to the Saguenay River, a truly magical place.  Do visit if you can. Weather appears to vary with turns around capes on the river. Farms even stitch themselves into the valleys. Rain intensifies beyond each point until   just when you think it’ll snow, sunny slopes appear. We wind past islands […]