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Something Different 45

Ferries cross the entrance to the Saguenay River, a truly magical place.  Do visit if you can. Weather appears to vary with turns around capes on the river. Farms even stitch themselves into the valleys. Rain intensifies beyond each point until   just when you think it’ll snow, sunny slopes appear. We wind past islands […]

Something Different 44

I think I read this story right . . .  NYPD got called in for an unruly large group of champagne brunch passengers.  Excessive alcohol was involved . . .  BEFORE the champagne brunch.  What!@#!? On youtube, there’s a whole series of these CRAZY Boating Fails . . . . Then there are Darwin Award […]

Something Different 43

Here are previous installments. The photos below are NOT mine but they’ve captivated me since I first saw them on FB.  Credit and context can be found by clicking on the photo itself. What I learned–and you could too be following the thread embedded in the photo– is that it was posted about two years […]

Something Different 42

The spate of vessels these days with bird names like Shearwater, ONE Apus, ONE Stork, NYK Crane, NYK Blue Jay, NYK Falcon, Dodo, Southern Owl . . . prompts this post. During the time I sit by the water, I sometimes walk circles for exercise or talk to folks.  I listen to the radio occasionally. […]

Something Different 41

Imagine seeing this on the Belt Parkway . . .  a Bell helicopter on a trailer doing the speed limit.   Aren’t these things capable of speeds more like 150? Wait . . . this one is damaged and the flotation bags have been deployed!!   It’s THAT helicopter! If you watched network news last […]

Something Different 40

Let’s leave this as a mystery location for now. It’s on a list I have for the next year . . . Here’s the landing craft . . . Ashore all magnitude of stark beauty awaits.  Follow the cairns to stay on the trail.   If you want to guess, some of these photos were […]

Something Different 39

March, it’s the only month name that sounds like an order, and since that’s the case, let me make some no-pressure suggestions, especially if you are in the central/western New York state area or ever will be. First, tomorrow is the winter symposium of the New York State Canal Society, and there’ll be some interesting […]

Something Different 38

Wait!  Is there a tree-lined snow-covered canal exiting there?  A dry dock drifted full of snow and hidden by pines? Nope, it’s a cottage like no or few others, launched in Toledo in 1923 as John W. Boardman.  Click on that first link to see interior shots of the cottage on the St. Marys River just […]

Something Different 37

The other night in a diner 300 miles from the sixth boro, Jim–holding the remote below and to the left–mentioned his boat models.  His favorite, he said, was Mister Darby.  My interest was piqued, but he went on, describing it as about five feet long and having an automobile battery as a power source.   […]

Something Different 36 d

Here are some closer-up photos of the 1916 Hudson Hillclimber.  Some of the cars in the race had no means of covering up the “interior.” This is a rally,; hence the large chronometer with the clipboard maintained by the navigator.   Blush, blush . . . I don’t know what car this was, but I’ll […]