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Sojourn Sixth Boro Bound 2

. . . aka the leap between the seasons.  Call this photo, taken on Saturday dusk, the last moments of autumnal daylight. I was here waiting as a slight November blush lingered in the central NY trees, hoping this vessel, Sojourn, would pass before daylight faded and before those storm clouds caught up. She eased into […]

Sojourn Sixth Boro Bound

You may remember the Sojourn story here, about a Belgian freight barge that the original owner and builder sold, lost track of, and then rediscovered in upstate New York?  Here was how she arrived in upstate NY. Well, after two years of work, she’s under way–just ahead of winter storm Argos.  These photos were taken […]

A Party

. . . as in  boarding party, which might never be pleasant for anyone, but it goes with the enterprise. YM Evolution was coming in the other day with New Jersey to port, and   lots of coasties descending starboard.   When I say lots, I mean two boats full. All photos by Will Van […]

BW2M a

…aka backwards to Montreal, reprising the trip in reverse order before I return there, which I’ll do in a little over a week. We departed the Rondout in late afternoon, bound for the sixth boro.  It’s always interesting to see what floats near the mouth of the Creek . . . as an example the […]

Creek: Rondout 2

I’m skipping over many miles of my road;  although I took photos, they would fit into a blog about watersheds and Poison Sea-to-Palatine history–which I haven’t created–more than here. Here was the first installment . . . almost a decade ago, September 2009.  Of course, the Rondout has figured in many blog posts listed here. […]

TS Empire State VI on the Clyde

Here are previous posts on the vessel.  This past June, Steve Munoz was in Scotland when the training ship traveled up and then later down the Clyde.  All photos come from Steve. TS ES VI arrived in Scotland after stops in San Juan and around the Mediterranean. On the Clyde, escort was provided by Svitzer […]


This is a 1959 vessel with a rich and varied career.  Click here for photos from a maritime festival last year, and  here (scroll) with info about her sojourn in the US. Click on the photo below to hear her run.   Click here to watch a 20-minute video documenting her meeting a near-sister a few […]

Second Lives 16

Take a European canal/river barge . . . .  This one was built in 1963 in Moerbeke, Belgium, by Marinus Faasse.  He named it Leja, the portmanteau word for his parents’ names, Lena and Jacob. Here’s part of the text of an email I received today from Maja Faasse:  “Leja was the second motor barge my parents have […]

Thanks to Robert Stopper 2

Thanks to Bob Stopper, these photos show NYS Marine Highway’s Benjamin Elliot moving French canal barge Sojourn into the Lyons drydock area. Sojourn has quite the history that I hope to be telling more about soon.  

JR 12

To call this the holy grail would be overstating it, but I hoped to spot one of these on this sojourn . . .an Ulstein X-bow, a fairly new direction in bow/hull design.  Here it is then, pretty exciting . .  . my first in the flesh, CBO Copacabana, launched from the yard in Niteroi […]