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Really Random Tugs 43

Andrew J graced this port I’ve passed many times both by water and highway.  Any guesses where I took this photo?  I watched their July 4 2016 fireworks. Answer follows. That power plant opened in 1950 as well;  it’s shuttered and a plan to repower it from coal to natural gas has fallen through. Andrew […]

Port Weller to Oswego

One of these days I’ll do a post on Great Lakes moods, as I’ve so far seen them.  Actually, an essay on the range of conditions might be fun… CCGS Samuel Risley, an icebreaking tug, hints at moods in months to come… Lower Lakes Towing’s Ojibway makes for Hamilton, appearing almost a cartoonish version of […]

12 Lights a

Ever wonder how a lighthouse gets fresh paint?  Carl Behrend paints them from a bosun’s chair.  This particular light–Seul Choix— is located on the south side of Michigan’s UP.   It turns out, he’s also a singer-songwriter who has written a song about this light.  The only way you can get to this light is […]

Meanwhile from a Great Lakes Bay

I used to see this as a kid from my first beach while learning to swim.  Those eroded cliffs defined the edge of my world, making me wonder whether they could be an eighth wonder beckoning me to become the discoverer. I find myself looking at this landscape again, six decades later, and wondering instead […]

GWA4: descending into Lake Ontario

The photo below is not Lake Ontario; it’s Oneida Lake in the early morning as we outrun a storm.  If my numbers are right, Oneida is about 80′ lower than Rome NY.  Hence, the descent into Lake Ontario, which is another 200′ lower than Oneida. If you thought we were descending–as a diver–into Ontario . […]

Port of Oswego 1

Many thanks to Ken Deeley for sending along these photos of the port of Oswego in 1890.  I’ll take the panorama below and divide it into three parts, left to right. Yachts shown gathered below in Oswego for an event of the Lake Yachts Racing Association are (l to r) Oriole, Bison, Lotus, Lolantha, Yama*, Merle, Maud B, […]

Springtime on an LCM 2

Here was the previous installment.  And here were the cargos and places of summer.  And if you missed it previously, here’s an article about Seaway Supplier I published in Professional Mariner last year.  The first six photos are used with permission from Seaway Marine Group. Trucks like the ones with the white tanks transport stocks of fish […]

Small Tugs 2

Here was 1. Bob Stopper sends along this foto from Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario.  Miss Debbie,  1969, was originally 30′ but extended to 46′. Here’s a bow shot I took a few years back. The Bronx and W. O. Decker here headed up along the west side of Manhattan before the 2010 Hudson River […]

Inland Sea

I stood on ice looking across fresh Lake Ontario water toward Canada, the spray adding to the frozen beach rubble. The lighthouse stands at the end of the pier at Sodus Point.   Some freshwater tugs like Capt. Mel get hauled out.   By the way, some scale . . . I used to dive […]


Thanks for reading my blog, whose goal is to help landfolk see my home waters — the port of New York — from the water perspective. The “sixth boro” is my invented term for the waters in and around the port. Part of my motivation is that mainstream media are “terracentric,” overlooking sixth boro news […]