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Small Craft 34

These small craft operate all year round in the sixth boro.   I’ve seen at least two Clean Harbors boats in the harbor, 32 and maybe . . . 33. But the company is hardly local.  I once saw one of their trucks on the NY Thruway west of Syracuse.  Click here for the history of […]

Small Craft 33

Small craft as they’ve been referred to in this series are quite large compared to the ones in today’s post.  These are tiny, and likely portable.  See them below? Kayak fishing dates from time immemorial;  hunting and fishing were their original reason to be.   These are high tech evolutions from skin boats, though.  This is […]

Mississippi River Small Craft

I should add here that small craft will vary in location along this very long river as well as in season.  Of course, the same is true anywhere with some semblance of seasons.  In this case, I saw all these boats about two-thirds of the distance between New Orleans and Saint Paul MN, i.e., the […]

Small Craft 32

The juxtaposition of small craft with the larger vessels in the sixth boro can be dramatic, like when the small fishing boat barely rises above the boot stripe on the ship. Here’s another, where the small craft is about 1.5 teu or less. The guy on this Sea-Doo would be minced if his Sea-Doo engine […]

Small Craft 31

Miller Boys . . . Seatow’s Ralph,  the 598, with a work crew on and under the dock,  Christina,  Bobby G. Miller in the thick of it,    Nicholas,  Gaines,  Jessica Ann,  and Emily sidling up to Aitolos.  There are a lot of small work boats in the area, and a  lot of them are […]

Small Craft 30

All year round, bathymetry happens with small boats like this from McLaren Technical Services.  I couldn’t tell if it had a name.   Click on the photo above for more info on McLaren. Ditto . . .  boom boats they work all year round near oil docks and around vessels where petroleum products are transferred. Here […]

Small Craft 29

All small craft working in January get my attention, but this one attracted me even more because of its lines.  Is this a one-off or can someone identify the manufacturer?  An indicator of my severe case of cabin fever this year is that I’ve been looking at lots of small boat ads.  I’d really be […]

Small Craft 28

So in a recent post, you had a glimpse of this small craft, which I initially thought was a fishing boat.   I know how addictive fishing can be, since I used to ice fish and canoe fish. But it turned out to be Lynn, a Ken‘s boat, used for line and boom handling. I’d not […]

Small Craft 27

I caught this small open boat eastbound on the KVK. She passed Ernest Campbell.  Clearly by her markings, she’s a survey vessel.  Between traffic, they seemed to focus their work near the transition between the KVK and the ConHook Range . . . returning to their area of interest, as I said, between traffic. Work […]

Small Craft 26

The variety is  . .  infinite:a survey boat from Georgia in the KVK, a NJ State Police RIB in the same waterway, a sloop heading south crossing Radiant Ray,   [I wonder if that tanker is nicknamed Ray Ray.] a camouflage boat of unusual design, a trawler southbound opposing Seaways Guayaquil, My Way yacht from Charlotte […]