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Other Peoples Photos 57

Thanks to all of you who send me photos.  M & M McMorrow sent this photo taken at Atlantic Highlands just before Christmas.  And yes, Delta is the best Christmas red. I can’t seem to find a tugboat in the NMFS.NOAA registry called just “Delta.”   Someone help out? Richie Ryden took these photos just […]

Ports on Oneida Lake 3

By 3:00 pm, the deck of Wards Island was at capacity with buoys.  It was time to head back west to a scow on the wall in Brewerton, an accidental destination for Champlain almost exactly 400 years ago.  Champlain was a gallivanter extraordinaire, crossing the Atlantic about 25 times in those days, and  a guy even […]

Whatzit 21

Many thanks to John Skelson for sharing these photos . . .  and I’ll leave you guessing for a day or so. Notice the vessel westbound in the background.  In the foreground, that’s Caddell’s with an Erie Lackawanna tug and a dilapidated ferry.    The mystery vessel is what’s in the background. The bridge needs […]

Whatzit 21 Answers and More

Bravo on the almost immediate and many correct identifications of the hulk in yesterday’s post. Here’s an undated photo of SS Normandie in the sixth boro passing an unidentified Dalzell (?) tug. Photo from John Skelson . . . PT boat eastbound on the KVK.  Notice the onramp to the Bayonne Bridge in this and […]

New York Media Boat 1

Photo thanks to John Skelson . . . it’s not a bird . . .  it’s not a plane . . . it’s NY Media Boat, one of the recent recipients of the Life Saving Award from the Marine Society of New York for a February 2014 rescue from a sinking tugboat. So . . […]


So what’s with the white sheet over the fendering?  It must mean a creamy-white hulled vessel is arriving with what the Brazilians call “SU coe,” or  . . . my favorite cargo. It appears this is the third voyage of Orange Sky from Santos to Port Newark this year.  My friend John Skelson caught her here […]

Merrily Merry 2

OK . . . I’ll admit that I’m foolish enough to think every day is Christmas, every day in New Years,  . . . and I could go on. So happy 18th day of Christmas 2013.   And my heart-felt thanks go out to Tim and Bill Hughes of Hughes Marine for these images.  Thanks […]

Miss Lis’ 56 Days

David Hindin alerted me when this voyage started on November 8 . . . departing San Francisco, sixth boro bound.  I’m very happy to share some folks fotos of Tradewinds Miss Lis‘ arrival at the Narrows this morning.   Many thanks to Peter Michael Patrick Codd, who sent the first two. Here  . . . […]

Whole Lotta Dredgin’ 11

Here and here are previous posts on a Rockaway Beach replenishment dredging operation that has now ended.   Sea Wolf is still local, but the vessel on the horizon (“atop” the red buoy) has now moved to southern NJ.  Remember, for most fotos, doubleclick enlarges. Weeks’ Trevor was assisting in this project. Also assisting was […]

Salt 8a

Timbuktu?  Taudenni?    Has tugster gone back way west? A buried ship? Nah . . . See the Newark Bay Bridge in the background and if you look carefully just under the open clamshell in the center of the foto, you might spot WTC1 in Manhattan. Here’s a closer up of United Challenger–now back at […]