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It goes without saying that the waterways here are busy and complex, as seen from this AIS grab below, showing traffic at this moment between Brussels (bottom) and Amsterdam, and between Dusseldorf and the North Sea about midway the narrowing into the English Channel to the southwest.  All the photos in today’s post–as have many here–were […]

JR 24

Click here for an overview of Brazilian shipyards from about 18 months ago.  STX OSV in Niteroi since then has become VARD, a Fincantieri holding.  Skandi Salvador was at the VARD yard last week.  Shipbuilding–like oil & gas–are multinational concerns clustered in locations of production, like the North Sea.  The NYTimes this week had a […]

JR 10

Seven Oceans in the morning, Xin Hai Niu in the evening . . . Guanabara Bay sees some interesting vessels, even if I can’t get the best fotos. Seven Oceans again with an outbound Skandi Amazonas, Keri Candies, Havila Princess,  and Laurindo Pitta This may be my last post for awhile, as I might be traveling […]

JR 7

I think this is Xin Hai Niu with starboard dredge at work.  In the background on shore is the support arm of Alexandre Chan’s cable-stayed Bridge of Knowledge. Harbor tug Uranus? Bram Bravo in Niteroi. From far to near, Sea Leopard and Skandi Flamenco.  Unidentified Camorim tugs in the foreground. To show the scale of […]

JR 25

This is the 25th and final post–for now–focusing on JR, January river aka Rio de Janeiro.  It was a fabulous trip for which I’m especially grateful to my daughter, who convinced me to come.  The middle boat here–Menino do Rio, which translates as Rio Boy–could become my new nickname… if I lived somewhere around Guanabara […]