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Sixth Boro Spring Signs 2019

This is a post with a sound track;  you can find the audio here.  Before the monsoon hit the other day, it was 70 degrees, lots of folks walked the esplanade, the saxophonist regaled me with his practice, and the rusty Maersk Bogor came in from Spain.  In front of us, the gulls giggle-squawked as […]

Sixth Boro Spring Signs 2018

Call it a sea change.  The air warms up although the water is still very cold. Sea Lion does what it has all winter, but what’s different is the reappearance of non-workboats.  Sea Lion has some history on this blog. Evening Light moves north in anticipation of summer. Pleasure boats move into an environment that […]

More Sixth Boro Spring Signs 2015

The most unambiguous sign of spring is a recreational boat in the sixth boro. Margot always ranges widely . . . . but when the Erie Canal is still closed for the season, she’s more frequently in the sixth boro. Buchanan 12 is back doing stonework . . . big scale.  In winter I’ve not seen this. […]

Sixth Boro Spring Signs 2015

As you know, today is the first full day of spring, and this morning roar man looked like this. My neighborhood looked like this, and a local shipyard looked like this, with snow obscuring the name entirely or partly. But lest you think I’m glum  . . . my day blossomed as soon as I saw […]

Retro Sixth Boro 40 B

Today the sixth boro and environs face Henri, whose story is yet to be told.  August 26, 2011 . . . I was at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and these Hurricane Irene signs were up.  When Irene’s story was told, it had done unusual damage upstate far from salt water;  here’s more.  Some repairs […]

Random ULCVs 9

Find a great diagram here, as well as this quote:  “container carrying capacity has increased 1200% since 1968.”  This increased size drives developments in escort tugs. As of 2021, the sixth boro has accommodated vessels no larger than 15,000 teu, like CMA CGM Argentina.  These can be called mother ships, since they can call in […]

Port of Galveston

Another secret salt’s been photographing, this one in the waters near Galveston, a place I’ve not been. Here he passed San Roberto and Rana Miller, which I have not seen in the sixth boro since 2009. The orange boats are AET, and assist with lightering operations, as does Rana.   Josephine K Miller must be offshore. Mr. […]

Invisible Gold 1

What is this? How about a little more of the same shot?  Now can you guess?  Cashman is a familiar New England company .  . . but that tug, Todd Danos, is not exactly a name known in these parts. Have you figured out the location?  Dace Reinauer and Senesco are the best clues here. […]

At Play Near J-Bay

Forces at play include:  sun, earth, season, tide, surf, and many more.  J aka Jamaica Bay is not not more than 10 nautical miles (goose-flying miles) from Manhattan, about the same distance the Meadowlands is, if you continued that straight line between my vantage point and the Empire State Building, then beyond. Here’s a map. […]