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Sixth Boro Snow Day 7

A dusting of snow covers paint and obscures names, so how well can you identify these boats? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All photos by Will Van Dorp, who was “on assignment” at the Bayonne Bridge and therefore got these photos with backgrounds of  Elizabeth NJ, Shooters Island, and Mariners Harbor. And the answers […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 6b

I realize that snow days occur here every year, even though not as frequently as they might farther north, but the movement of a squall across the boros rewards with interesting photos in spite of the cold. At 0925 the other day, Maersk Edgar was in the clear although a squall concealed the lower Manhattan skyline. […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 6a

Here are some snows days in the sixth boro from previous seasons.  Yesterday’s saw crews on duty doing what they always do.  Cielo di Milano was outbound, as was Peney, a practically new ship, emptied of her Mejillones safety product. 09:50  My thermometer registered 23 degrees F, and a squall was passing over Manhattan but not […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 5

Thank the verizon gods for internet service after a few more days’ drought.  Click here for previous snowy posts. I think today was the snowiest day yet in the sixth boro.  So I hope you enjoy watching Orange Ocean emerge from the “particle fog.” Orange Ocean is a new sighting for me, bringing in my […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 4

OK, here’s tomorrow’s post today . . . Wednesday’s news coming on Tuesday.  The snow happened today, so let’s see it today. Here was 3.  And another snowy post.  The first three fotos here come compliments of Brian DeForest.  Here, hanging on the wall are Hunting Creek and Coastline Bay Star. Davis Sea–I believe–is practically […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 3

Tugster last captured snow days here and here 13 months ago;  this year has brought inches more.    Thanks to Jed for the foto below from Thursday afternoon. Modifications to the routine forced by heavy weather bring unlikely revelations, like this metro NY area newspaper editor reading his poetry (yes poetry . . . from a […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 2

Not all situations can be simplified.  And not all fotos can have sharp lines.   Check out the atmospheric possibilities serendipity dropped on me last week.  Not that much snow fell, but I stood out by Howland Hook when it fell at greatest intensity.  Enjoy the snow parade, starting with Dean Reinauer, then Bruce A. […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day

Update from Pete E of the “Liners list” via Mage, avid, dedicated reader and commenter on this blog:  “Once again NY Waterway came to the rescue in NY waters.  The first boat to arrive following the US AIR plane’s ditching was Hudson River-class THOMAS JEFFERSON captained by Vince Lombardi.  She was on the scene within […]

New Sixth Boro Fishing Machines

Although the sixth boro may see its first snowfall today, it’s not winter for over a month yet.  Winter fishing, though, has seen lots of posts on this blog.  But here’s a focus on something new for me.  See the fishing machine in the photo below? Here’s a closer up, a set of photos I […]

Sojourn Sixth Boro Bound 2

. . . aka the leap between the seasons.  Call this photo, taken on Saturday dusk, the last moments of autumnal daylight. I was here waiting as a slight November blush lingered in the central NY trees, hoping this vessel, Sojourn, would pass before daylight faded and before those storm clouds caught up. She eased into […]