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Sixth Boro Details 10

I’ve been meaning to ask about this lumber on the piers at Red Hook container terminal.  Not quite a year ago an unusual looking vessel called Mozu Arrow deposited these bundles of lumber.  Here‘s another shot showing all the bundles.  All through the stories of lumber being outrageously expensive,  this lumber stayed here.  In some […]

Sixth Boro Details 9

Here are previous installments of this title.  Marjorie B hurries alongside the container ship to assume position closer to the bow, froth sprayed back by the head-on wind. As they make their way through the gap, all is lined up for the tight turn to starboard. By the way, did you notice the landing net? […]

Sixth Boro Details 8

Torm Neches . . . has not much color contrast in the superstructure. This ship has clear reminders of hazards. Crew here work on re-elevating the antenna after clearing the Bayonne Bridge for sea.     Ah, the sixth boro has a paddle wheeler with a wheel that never turns, yet the Queen of Hearts moves, […]

Sixth Boro Details 7

Here are the previous 6.  If you want to guess what these are, try;  then check against the answers below.               And the order is Wavertree starboard bow, Ever Lyric starboard bulb with Ellen McAllister and Liberty IV in the distance, line between c-ship and Kirby Moran, house of MSC […]

Sixth Boro Details 6

Click here to read the first five posts in this series. I’ve noticed the vessel below docked along the south side of GMD Bayonne the last few days, and wondered about the name, Capt. David I Lyon, which sounds unusually American for a ship in the harbor.   Looking closer, I see the  black-gray-blue-yellow stack stripes […]

Sixth Boro Details 5

Here was 4. And this . . . is the cutterhead ladder of C. R. McCaskill. Looking generally northward from Fort Wadsworth, from nearer to farther . .  fishing boat, tanker, ATB,  ferry, and Jersey City. Catch the name of the approaching tanker running rinse through the anchor hawse . . . ? Chem Bulldog. […]

Sixth Boro Details 4

Besides tools of commerce, ships are things of beauty, and maybe that’s why they appeal to lots of us layfolk. The paint texture here almost mimics spotted creatures in the natural world, although here starboard of this vessel does not match port.  No matter . . . who sees both sides at once anyhow? It’s […]

Sixth Boro Details 3

Here was 2. What kind of fotos does one get  on a dark and drizzly morning?  Well, through a fence I snapped this one of the virginal Evening Star . . . in the boro less than 24 hours!    And less than a year and a half after keel-laying down in Louisiana. Alice Oldendorff […]

Sixth Boro Details 2

. . .   and  on a rainy day.  Here was 1 in this. Note the crewman entering or departing President Polk by the access doorway.  Doubleclick enlarges.  Can you name two institutions that opened while Polk, 11th,  was president? As Larvik slides over to its berth, the linemen prepare to run the lines to […]

Sixth Boro Details

I zoomed in on details in some Panama posts here and here, so how about closer to home . . . .  All of the following fotos were taken in New York harbor, except one.  But that one could just have well been taken here.  Can you identify it? Otherwise, just enjoy the fotos.  Doubleclick almost always […]