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Sixth Boro Details 16

It’s not the best photo maybe, although–hey– it was the golden hour when B. E. Lindholm came into the boro recently.  They’ve been working along the east side of Sandy Hook. Some small craft traffic the boro all seasons of the year.  I suspect this is going out fishing, but I’m not sure. Daisy Mae […]

Sixth Boro Details 14

This will be the last post for a few days . . .   William F. Fallon Jr. at the Statue. Thomas D. Witte, dredge Delaware, Durham, and some smaller boats in the Upper Bay. Marjorie B. McAllister with NYNJR 200 on the Brooklyn side.  Jessica Ann and another RIB appear to be involved in […]

Sixth Boro Details 13

Let’s start here with a different cropping of a photo from May 2022.  I’d known about Kenny G for quite some time.  But yesterday, while I was “trapped” in a Batteryside building, I caught Nicholas G, also a Sound Marine vessel but one I’d not known about.  I wish I could have gotten clearer photos. […]

Sixth Boro Details 12

Here are previous posts in the series. Look closely at the image of William F. Fallon Jr. below;  something is unusual there. Note that Bluefin below is juxtaposed with the Whale on shore. The Whale might be an interesting location to visit someday. Bayonne Drydock has Schuylkill high and dry and Go Discovery along the […]

Sixth Boro Details 11

Just photos will appear here today, and I realize I’m contradicting that statement by writing this sentence and the others.  However,  inspiration was failing me, so I decided this post should be not photo-driven, but photo-dominated.  Names are provided in the tags.               Sunday started sunny, but then clouds […]

Sixth Boro Details 10

I’ve been meaning to ask about this lumber on the piers at Red Hook container terminal.  Not quite a year ago an unusual looking vessel called Mozu Arrow deposited these bundles of lumber.  Here‘s another shot showing all the bundles.  All through the stories of lumber being outrageously expensive,  this lumber stayed here.  In some […]

Thanks to Tony A 32

Tony A spends more time in the sixth boro than I do and sees stuff I don’t, for which I am grateful.  I’d noticed Zhen Hua 24 in Global on AIS, but I never saw the actual vessel;  Tony did on that rainy day a few days ago.   If you click on the link […]

Random Ships 99

Every day is Thanksgiving, but we dedicate one day to talk about it.  One undeniable detail of the US popular T’giving narrative involves a transAtlantic vessel, Mayflower.  Some of this info about the Mayflower might be new. Less than a decade after arriving in North America, it may have been dismantled and used in a […]

Retro Sixth Boro 55

As remnants of  Hurricane Nicole pass through the sixth boro, we might have a look back to details of aftermath of Sandy exactly 10 years ago, like this undecked pier over on the NJ side of the Arthur Kill, across from Howland Hook.  USCGC Spencer came up for the cleanup, as did then-USCGC Gallatin, now […]

Retro Sixth Boro 61 B

On this date in May 2013, I was near Portland OR scanning slides, images Seth Tane had taken decades earlier.   The images have value in a macro sense, not the small details but rather the extent of change in the past almost 50 years.  Tomorrow (2023) the fleet comes in.  But what year did LCC-20 […]