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Sixth Boro Augury

aka . . .  where we heading? Down on the Jersey Shore some puzzling instruments float or drift or play … or whatever verb an instrument does.  The fact that said instruments are GB-registered (I thought it was the UK?) leads me to suspect this associated with that Ford etc. Unfortunately I was not there, […]

Retro Sixth Boro 55

As remnants of  Hurricane Nicole pass through the sixth boro, we might have a look back to details of aftermath of Sandy exactly 10 years ago, like this undecked pier over on the NJ side of the Arthur Kill, across from Howland Hook.  USCGC Spencer came up for the cleanup, as did then-USCGC Gallatin, now […]

Retro Sixth Boro 54

This month I’ve done one retro October 2012 post on the Chesapeake schooner race . . . and am doing this one at the end of the month rather than the beginning, for reasons that will soon be apparent. On the 31st a decade ago, I made my way down to Front Street Staten Island […]

Sixth Boro Details 13

Let’s start here with a different cropping of a photo from May 2022.  I’d known about Kenny G for quite some time.  But yesterday, while I was “trapped” in a Batteryside building, I caught Nicholas G, also a Sound Marine vessel but one I’d not known about.  I wish I could have gotten clearer photos. […]

Sixth Boro Details 12

Here are previous posts in the series. Look closely at the image of William F. Fallon Jr. below;  something is unusual there. Note that Bluefin below is juxtaposed with the Whale on shore. The Whale might be an interesting location to visit someday. Bayonne Drydock has Schuylkill high and dry and Go Discovery along the […]

Mixed Sixth Boro 2

Christy Anne is a small tug that I’ve not seen in 15 years!!  I posted it here, after seeing it in the Hackensack River, a place I see rarely.  Unrelated:  where are those buildings on the ridge in the distance?  Is there some Fata Morgana effect going on there? With the placement of tire fendering fore and […]

Mixed Sixth Boro 1

The sixth boro and other harbors have those vessels that seem to hide in plain sight.  Maybe it’s more accurate to say these craft, like the one below,  are visible but their usage might not be so clear.    Here’s how Annie Moore gets described:  “a utility vessel for the National Park Service designed to transport […]

Random Sixth Boro 13

Here was the post I’d planned for yesterday, put together in a moment when I thought a single focus was too elusive, random scenes, like a container ship anchored off Stapleton, elusive detail in a set all diverging from usual patterns.  Or seeing a Mein Schiff vessel in town after a hiatus… with Wye River passing […]

Retro Sixth Boro 53

Alaska has the Iditarod, Quebec City has the ice canoe races, Honobia OK has the Bigfoot 5K and there’s still time to make plans to get there.  And sometimes, the sixth boro (and lots of other waterway cities) has tugboat races.   Enjoy this smattering of photos from Sept 2, 2012. As often is the case, […]

Retro Sixth Boro 52

Wow!  August almost passed us by without my doing a glance back to a decade ago.  McCrews is now in Philly I’m told.   Reliance and Justine are still with McAllister.  Lynx was sold foreign  and experienced an incident while being delivered, although I’m not sure how that turned out.  Barents and Yankee both were refurbished […]