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M is for Merry 3

Unless I get more Christmas tree/decorations photos, you might consider me remiss.  It’s the season when I get decoration photos, no tree itself.   Here are previous iterations.  Got any unique ones like signs of the season, like this one  . .  or this from Morgan City? That photo, WVD, who’s currently out looking for […]

Road Fotos 2022 A

This series goes back to the last days of December 2010, the first post here.  I could break the 2022 installment into three posts, each covering a third of this waning year.  Things creep, including the definition of “road,” since a channel is not unlike a road.  In this photo from January 3, 2022, Ava […]

LL Eastport to Portland

You’ll understand if I say this is a wicked quick post.  Bear with me.  At the appointed hour, albeit Campobello time rather than Eastport time, we cast off and made for sea. Once away from town, the pilot departed, back for the Eastport station aboard North Sea. We rounded the light off the top of […]

Uncrewed 5

For some context, by this time this scheduled post appears,  I will have completed step 4, and I’ll come back for all the other NOL river sights, but for now, enjoy this one from the waters of the crescent city. My first association upon reading “unmanned” on this small craft relates to a Hemingway novel […]

LL Eastport Layup 1

Here’s a quick “sign of life” post.  We’re laid up in the archipelago of Eastport for preparations to get under way.  But occasionally I see something and grab the camera. Like Fairhaven Princess II.  I’m not sure what work she does, but I trust someone will comment.  My guess is that she’s involved in some […]

Mississippi River Small Craft

I should add here that small craft will vary in location along this very long river as well as in season.  Of course, the same is true anywhere with some semblance of seasons.  In this case, I saw all these boats about two-thirds of the distance between New Orleans and Saint Paul MN, i.e., the […]

LL2 The Soo to Detroit

For the record, these photos I took over the course of about a day and a half. Before we departed the Soo in late afternoon, these two classic lakers passed by . . . Saginaw and Frontenac.   The Rock Cut is the down bound lane on this section of the St Marys River.  It’s […]

Canal Steamers Project 2

Not all tugboats on the Barge Canal in the first half decade were steamers, but most of them were.  More on the early diesel tugs in another post.  The photos in this post are arranged chronologically.  In these days before metadata was even imagined, I’m very grateful for photographic prints that have dates written on […]

Pride of Philadelphia

Some of you may know a vessel called Pride of Baltimore II, as seen here if you scroll a bit or if you follow the tags. But here is something different.   See when you figure it out.  Overseas Anacortes is a product carrier . . . tanker . . . that was delivered in early […]

Cape Hatteras

For some reason I thought Kirby had only three of these 105′ x 36′ and 5000 hp boats:  Cape Canaveral, Henry, and Lookout.  So when I saw this one yesterday at Bayonne Dry Dock, I wondered which it was.  From my first photos, I could not read the sign boards, and   I eliminated the three […]