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Random Ships *8

We continue along the Great Coast, now on Lake Erie, a place of dramatic early morning skies. And lakers against the canary daybreak. Calumet has just left the Cuyahoga, Italcementi Essroc has the very best logo . . . and Stephen B. Roman has worn it for some time now, as it also has the […]

Random Ships *7

Back to the Great Coast . . .  BBC Elbe has since I took this photo gone to Duluth, and then headed back out toward the Gulf of St Lawrence. Kaye E. Barker approaches and recedes, an illusion of her usual self played by the magic of Huron. At sunrise it’s an upbound G3 Marquis, […]

Random Ships *6

Off in the distance, I believe those lights are Greys Reef and Skillagalee . . . and the ship is another 1000-footer named for an Indiana port.  Maybe it’s the time of day, but I think I see the iron ore dust on the white paint. Getting back to my invented  TTT unit (twenty-ton trailer), […]

Random Ships *5

My staying with this * thread leads me to wonder how to refer to this long peaceful international boundary between the US and Canada, and after rejecting a few like “third coast” (It would be disputed with the Gulf of Mexico) and “fresh coast” (Fresh has too many negative connotations) I’ve settled –for myself–with “great […]

Random Ships *4

The * here denotes these are freshwater ships, plying their trade along what must be the longest peaceful international water boundary in the world, a fact I think deserves to be more widely known and celebrated.  Here are installments 1–3. Radcliffe R. Latimer has appeared here a year ago.  For a complete history of the […]

Random Ships *3

Here are the previous ones. Whitefish Bay was built in China in 2010. See the beached vessel to the left, it’s Kathryn Spirit, not a pretty sight. Here Orsula departs upstream of Beauharnois Canal. She’s formerly . . . Federal Calumet. Here Mississagi was offloading corn, with a green light and 84% of something status. […]

Random Ships *2

Let’s look at these from a different perspective . . . whether they can escape the inland seas shared by the US and Canada or not.  The maximum size the Seaway aka Highway H2O can accommodate is 740′ x 78. x 30.’ So Kaye E. Barker . . . 767′ x 70′ x 36′ . […]

Random Ships *1

* here means  . . . in freshwater.  Actually there’ve been 50 posts under this title, but this is different.  And note the color of the water, brown in the case of Isolda below because it’s steaming out of the muddy, clay-suspended Maumee. In the blue waters of the St. Clair River with Sarnia on the […]

ICW Tugs May 2017* C

 . .  but first, I know I missed lots of excitement in the sixth boro this morning.  If anyone got photos, I’d love to share them here for folks who don’t do FB.  Now let’s head a few years back and down on the Chesapeake in Baltimore. . .  Sea Crescent . .  .  I […]

ICW Tugs May 2017* B

Norfolk and its estuary constitute a major US seaport, so let’s linger here for this post.  I’ve been there three times, and only once was it clear. Besides military docks, it has a number of terminals.  for this latter, here‘s a schedule;  Notice it shows CMA CGM Marco Polo arriving here at 1300 on May […]