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Other Peoples Photos 86

Click here for the previous 85 posts with this title.  Lead photos today come from former owner of this push boat in West Burlington, Iowa. The vessel, then known as Izona, has since traveled the Interstates and two-lanes to Highlands, NJ, towed by the much-loved Peterbilt of John Zook, of Lewisburg, PA. Maybe you saw […]

WPC-1113 Richard Dixon and Stealthy Sidekick

Over six years ago, I posted with a title this one mimics.  Richard Dixon is to the left, clearly USCG white, indicating its primary mission.  My question is what color is the larger vessel to the right? Maybe you can guess more about this vessel below.  The photo comes from a secret salt from a […]

Port of Galveston

Another secret salt’s been photographing, this one in the waters near Galveston, a place I’ve not been. Here he passed San Roberto and Rana Miller, which I have not seen in the sixth boro since 2009. The orange boats are AET, and assist with lightering operations, as does Rana.   Josephine K Miller must be offshore. Mr. […]

Other People’s Photos 54

Secret salts sometimes send along photos, and I appreciate that, since many waterways I’ll never see . . .  and that means boats I’d never encounter, like Reliance, 1979, 127′ x 40;’ Grand Canyon II, an offshore construction/ROV/IRM vessel, shown in this link getting towed from Romania to Norway for completion; and more. Here’s an unidentified […]

SUNY Maritime Summer Sea Term

Day 1. May 11, 2015. Later on Day 1 Day 37, refueling near Gibraltar. Day 48, Belfast Yesterday, day 92 . . . south of the 59th Street Bridge, and cadets showing their sea legs by climbing to novel places! Still later yesterday . . . passing alongside Roosevelt Island, and almost home. Credits . . .  Steve […]

Other People’s Photos 49

Here’s the index if you want to see the previous installments. A secret salt along the Saint Lawrence snapped this photo of Algoma Montrealais towed by Diavlos Pride and largely unseen) Ecosse on the stern.  To see photos of Algoma Montrealais’  last season, click here. For purposes of the transit to the scrapyard, she’s been renamed (by subtraction) as […]

From the Line Locker 19

Here’s an index of the previous “locker” posts. Let’s start with a photo from a secret salt seeking an identification.  All I know is that this photo of an “old army tug” was taken in 1982 and that the building in the background is the Brooklyn Army Terminal, a frequent background in sixth boro photos […]

Really Random Tugs 28

“Really random” posts tend to be far-flung, so let’s start out with this photo by Jed, who has contributed many photos recently.   Then there’s JED, who has contributed photos starting from 2008.   The boat dates from 1975. From Jan Oosterboer via Fred Trooster, here’s the 1955 tug Argus along with Orion (1961), and Sirius (1966). […]

LNYBL Addition Close Up

Here was the first post  . . .LNYB . .  being Lower New York Bay.  I’m wondering, though, if this might technically be the corner of New York Bight, not the Lower Bay.    The “sixth boro” nomenclature  . . . blurs the distinction. The Rockaway Lateral pipeline project is . . . partly about pipe. […]

Critters 2

Delphinidae . . . rattus . . . mammalian well . . . rendering of a mammalian  warm fuzzy . . . just . .  curdling! Delphinidae win . . . flippers down.  That’s today’s sporting event.  Water pics from a secret salt;  rat rod pics by Will Van Dorp, who strayed off the Canal […]