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S. S. S. Lotus

 I took these photos back in early August 2019 in the village where I learned to swim . . . Sodus Point.   When I asked a few people about it, I heard that it was a wreck, it was done  . . .  etc.  The small schooner clearly had been loved at one time. […]

Tugster Sells Merch 2

Here was last year’s post by this title. My 2020 calendars are ready and can be mailed out as early as this Monday.  To order, send me your USPS mailing address by email (parrotlect at gmail dot com    , you know what I mean) and pay by paypal to that email address, or check made […]

Teach Them To Yearn 3

Here are the previous posts in this series.  Here’s the complete A. de Saint-Exupery quote:  “If you want to build a ship [crew a ship], don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work , and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” I was thrilled to […]

Retro Sixth Boro NYC Tugboat Races 4

2015 is the last year I saw the race;  in the following years I was working and away.  But 2015 Labor Day Sunday had beautiful weather. Again, I’m not going to name each;  you can read the names either on the boats or in the tags . . .  and then match up. And in […]

Sea Dart II Again

I caught this T-boat back two years ago, and here she is again.  I’ve posted on this vessel before, (scroll) here and here. It’s the 1953 Sea Dart II, originally T-513. She’s become a sign of spring for me. A good old boat like this to learn marketable skills would have been heaven-sent for me as a […]

1973 Sea Horse

If you saw the 2015 tugboat race, you may have glimpsed this vessel . . . She’s the current vessel of Ship 243 of Sea Scouts.  Here’s what her current mate says about her:  “Sea Horse was built in 1973 by Swiftships in Morgan City La. Designed as  for Vietnam, she was never was deployed. […]

Sea Dart II

Whenever I see something new, it feels like a sunny day, no matter what the meteorologist calls it.  Like this day last week, I was hunkering down keeping these spots from messing with my lens . . . It took some seconds to conclude I’d seen this vessel before, (scroll) here and here. It’s the 1953 […]

Government Boats 38

T-boats are up today, and seeing some in Baltimore led me into the archives.  Click here for a short history of Carina, a T-boat I saw in Clayton NY but never got a good photo of.   Here’s a database of the existing ones, although the info looks dated. Here’s another article on T-boats and […]

NYC Tugboat Race 2015

Bravo to the organizers and participants of the 2015 NYC race.  It starts with a muster… which looks  different as you shift perspective.     It’s great to see race newcomers like Sea Scout Ship 243 out of Rahway NJ, and Patricia. By this point, some boats like Robert E. McAllister start to get impatient. Muster […]

GWA9: ending up in Indiana

The channels –here negotiated by Pride–run close to shore along the southern side of Mackinac Island, necessitating careful monitoring of navaids, here is Buckthorn. Near the strait that forms the somewhat undefined boundary between Huron and Michigan,  we meet Sharon M I pushing Huron Spirit, the barge and not the pilot boat by the same name. […]