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Sea Lion 3

Here were 1 and 2.  And leading up to the sinking in 2014, here are some old photos. And then January 16, 2014.  The next few photos by Bjoern Kils, of NYMedia Boat. Here was her sonar signature, as her exact location of sinking was marked.  Photo from Bjoern. A nameless salt sent in this […]

Sea Lion 2

Here was the first in this series.  The good news is that this past Saturday Sea Lion was raised.  The first two images are credited to Tug Life at Henry Marine and Orlando Martinez. Jon Harrison caught the next two over on the west side of Bergen Point . . . .  It’s the crane […]

Sea Lion

Here are my fotos of Sea Lion . . . certainly not 38′ loa, as has been reported.  Here she passes Coney Island a few years back and here she exits the KVK pushing a barge. I’m very sad to hear of the accident but happy all were rescued. All fotos by Will Van Dorp. […]

Yachts A Million 5

I’d thought to call this “summer yachts,” but in spite of sublime weather, it’s not summer any more.  “Yachts a million” works too, with these two unusual vessels.  And we’ll start with this one, Magnet.  Now that I’ve learned a little more about this 148′ catamaran yacht, I regret not having walked around to the […]

Saint Emilion 2

I know I did part one less than two months ago, but one morning last week I saw her pushing a loaded barge, and all the lights were in view.     She’s been Barbara C and Arabian Sea, and now has the unusual port of registry in these parts . . . Saint Louis […]

Saint Emilion

There’s this below from ancient Roman vineyards in Gaul, near this  monolith church . . .  Also, about 30 miles away in Bordeaux is the repurposed WW2 submarine base . . . repurposed for art. But I started out beyond left field here and have digressed in an even more oblique direction. Saint Emilion is […]

Yachts a Million 3

Here are previous installments. I caught Invictus earlier this week as it came into the boro.  I had no idea then that by midweek, it would become newsworthy, although it would be on Page Six.  Anyone know what I’m talking about?  Answer follows. I don’t know if this is the Invictus owner driving the tender […]

Yachts a Million

A Nordhavn 62 . . .  ??  exiting the Erie Canal last weekend.  Professional delivery crew? It was interesting that something they saw on the bulkhead in Waterford prompted them to do a 180 and try to squeeze onto the bulkhead.  Was it thoughts of dining on sausage and onions washed down with a Keegan Ale?  Port of registry here–Port […]

Sea Wolf Moves Yankee

No, this isn’t the January River.  I leave for there today, but this . . .   !!  These next four fotos come from the perspicacious bowsprite, taken yesterday afternoon.   The tug in the foreground is Sea Wolf is 1982.  In the background is –of course–Ellis Island, 1900.  In between with the yellow stack […]

Salish Sea 5: The Canal Mostly

July is officially “gallivant month” this year, but as an update on yesterday’s “Bridge” post . . . the tow got somewhere out of foto range before daybreak;  when I got up to check progress on AIS at 5 am local time, it was already south of the Holland Tunnel vents.  I guess we’ll have […]