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Scrapper 4

Thanks to Tony A, whose previous contributions can be found here, here’s an insider’s view of a scrap ferrous metal run, starting with a view across the deep “hold” of the scow as it exits the Buttermilk heading for whichever of the sixth boro’s creeks has the product. Once loaded, the scow is brought ship […]

Scrapper 3

I’ve posted photos like this one of Thomas D. Witte moving recycling, but I’ve never been inside Pratt Industries plant on the Arthur Kill.  Recently, William Hyman has though, and he’s shared his photos here.  It looks –and probably smells–like any waste handling facility, but giant claws move the scrap around and caldrons do their […]

Scrapper 2

Scrapper 1 focused on loading scrap from scows onto a bulker anchored in the Upper Bay.  Since then many posts, such as this one, have shown loaded scows pushed hither and yon in the harbor, and like this one, even down an ice-encrusted river. Today’s post features a unit and a crew heading out bright and early […]

Scrap Saturday

I did a post about a scrapping before . .  in early 2007 here.  Warning:  Disturbing images follow.  This post focuses on a tug built in Matton Shipyard, one of four tugboats that were originally christened John E. Matton, not the one below. It could get confusing, but vessels were launched as John E. Matton in 1939 (which […]


I speak no more than a dozen words of Japanese, but I believe Tsuru means crane.  So it’s a crane ship.  Fitting except I realize that not all English uses of the word “crane” translate into the same Japanese word.  This 35-year-old ship (ex-Tsuru Arrow) is called a “grab unloader bulk carrier.”  Some loading is […]

Requiem 1

August 2021.  Samatha Miller follows the channel just north of the Staten Island Yankees stadium.  Note today’s skyline. 1970.  The rest of these photos I share thanks to Steve Munoz. Note the early night skyline here shows the Towers under construction. 1970 Dalzelleagle in the Buttermilk Channel passing USCG cutters tied up alongside Governors Island.  […]

Retro Sixth Boro 41

These photos I took back in September 2011. This boat became Bouchard Boys and is now in Red Hook waiting to be repainted as Stasinos Boys.  She’s 100′ x 31′ and 3900 hp. North Sea has had many owners;  currently she’s Sause Brothers North Sea out of Portland OR.   She’s 120′ x 34′ vessel with […]

Retro Sixth Boro 40 B

Today the sixth boro and environs face Henri, whose story is yet to be told.  August 26, 2011 . . . I was at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, and these Hurricane Irene signs were up.  When Irene’s story was told, it had done unusual damage upstate far from salt water;  here’s more.  Some repairs […]

Retro Sixth Boro 40 A

Happy August 2021.  And “Wow!”  That is almost always my reaction when I jump back a decade into the archives.  This riveted tug  was 83 years old when I took this photo, and I looked at that deep rounded icebreaker hull and imagined it would go on working forever.  Now it’s 93 years old, and […]

Last 24 Hours to Bid

I’ll return to the Erie Canal tomorrow, but for now . . . the clock is ticking louder. In exactly 24 hours, Grouper will thaw out;  a new owner, the person with the highest bid, will be acclaimed.  I’ve been following the fate of this boat in Wayne County for so many years that I […]