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Scale 13

Here are all the previous installments of this title, going back to 2007. Yesterday I caught one of these megayachts heading inbound in the Ambrose Channel.  Without the zoom, it looked even bigger, even sci-fi . . .  It was Lady Lara. And big it is, compared with the Moran 6000hp tugboat. . . . […]

Scale 12

It’s a horn.   You could call it a ship’s whistle or audible signaling device.  It’s clearly not a bell, but that would work also.  From three years ago, here’s another one of these devices. From this photo below, you have no sense of size, though, do you?   Nor do you get that from […]


For scale, the “small” tugboat on the near side of the tanker here is over 100′ loa.   That means … there’s a lot of crude oil capacity in the vessel she’s  assisting.  however, to complete the scale comparison, this tanker is 816′ loa.  The largest tanker currently operating–Euronav Oceania–is 1246′ loa, and the largest ever–Knock […]

People on the Boro 32

See the crew? Scale is interesting here, even though Torrente is NOT a large container ship by today’s global standards. Now you see him clearly, but recall the context provided by the first image. That line is bigger around than his arm, yet gossamer compared with the ship and the tug. With line all made […]

Cold Pink

Prior pink posts can be found here.  Given the dramatic drop in temperatures the sixth boro has been in three days–from 57 to 17 or so– I had no choice but to call this cold pink, or frigid magenta if you prefer.  ONE Hawk has been on this blog before here. But think about it […]

Sixth Boro Pilot Beer Run

Yesterday morning some pallets got lifted from a terminal in Hunt’s Point in The Bronx by a Hudson River-based liftboat to a Brooklyn-based ex-BUSL.   Meanwhile, a Brooklyn-based crane ship on the hull of a repurposed lube tanker took    position on the East Side of Pier 17.   The lift boat Legs III is […]

KVK Traffic Flow 2

In part 1, Treasure Coast slowly made her way to mid KVK, and I thought it was to get fuel, but it was soon apparent that she was there for an assist, to help ATB Galveston and Petrochem Producer to get off the dock. The scale of Galveston is apparent from the workboat;  the tug […]

Random ULCVs 11

With Eastern Dawn in the foreground, the massive scale of these box boats is apparent. Foreshortening gives the illusion that MSC Lauren cannot possibly avoid a collision. Although this may be her first arrival in the sixth boro, this 12400 teu vessel has sailed the seas for a decade already. See the crewman near the […]

Tagster 9

It’s been over a year since I posted “tagster 8” and this is just a small sample of murals I’ve seen and photographed since then. Appropriately, the first two were taken in one of my all-time favorite places . . . . Hannibal MO.  I want to go back to that town that was really […]

Random Tugs 380

Lightning is here and has been for at least four years, and Thunder is on its way. From 2014 and therefore two years newer than Lightning, Adeline Marie, previously Denise A. Bouchard, was heading over to the Industry Day on Wednesday. I caught a few photos of her as Rubia in between her original and […]