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Scale 12

It’s a horn.   You could call it a ship’s whistle or audible signaling device.  It’s clearly not a bell, but that would work also.  From three years ago, here’s another one of these devices. From this photo below, you have no sense of size, though, do you?   Nor do you get that from […]

Scale 11

I took this in April;  I would never have guessed a Corvette was that much lower than an early 1950s (1952?) Pontiac. Ditto here:  Kristy Ann once rescued a motorboat I happened to be on;  from the motorboat, Kristy Ann looked immense.  Next to . . . Nicole (I think that’s Nicole Leigh Reinauer.  I took […]

Scale 10

I think of ROROs like Dignity Ace as being fairly large, but this juxtaposition made me re-evaluate. So let’s let the tape tell its tale:  three vessels here are (l to r) Anthem of the Seas, YM Utmost, and Dignity Ace with respect to their length and breadth; and I realize that the photo does […]

Scale 9

Here are previous posts in this series. Some of you know the dimensions of these two vessels, so for you all who don’t, I’m not saying for now.   Some of the CMA CGM ships are named for French writers; Nerval is an interesting one because of a story–fake or not–about him and his pet […]

Scale 8

Count the containers across . . .  I see nine.  And the width of a standard container is . . . ? This container is beamier than the tug alongside, but by a factor of less than three.  Guesses? Since the beginning of 2016, Frisia Inn, which I consider a very strange name unless I’m […]

Scale 7

Here are previous posts in this series. When I saw a parade of Moran tugs heading to meet a ship or some ships, I suspected something large was coming. And when she appeared around the bend, she did look quite large, Cosco Napoli did, and much as I wanted to keep my hands in my pockets, […]

Scale 6

Here was 5 in this series. This is the view from the bridge looking forward on Key Frontier, built 2011 in Maizuru, Japan.  From this point to the bow is 638′ and to the stern is about 100′.   Note the approaching tug and barge. The length on the tug is 64′ . The orange […]

Scale 5

As I write this post, Lincoln Sea is southbound on the Hudson, just south of where Stena Primorsk ran out of the channel a month or so ago.  Weddell Sea/Lincoln Sea foto was taken back in earlier September 2012. This closeup of the Lincoln Sea-DBL 140 embrace seems small and intimate until you read the […]

Scale 4

Like the other five boros, the sixth boro is trafficked by creations large and small.  Two diverse large vessels are Cunard’s QM2 and MSRC’s New Jersey Responder, a key player in the case of any oil spill in the New York area.   The 210′ vessel, in spite of all its systems, might be dwarfed by […]

Scale 3

Superlatives:  Ti Oceania, largest working tanker at 441,000 dwt and 1246′ loa.  Oasis of the Seas, largest cruise ship at 1181′ loa and 234′ air draft;  ie., it cannot be shoehorned under the Verrazano Bridge.  Berge Stahl, largest bulk carrier at 365,000 dwt and 1125′ loa and draft of about 75′.  Here are other sites […]