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Pilots 7

By this point, I’d ceased thinking this was a fast-moving fishing boat. Here’s a dawn photo I took from the Staten Island side of the Narrows six months back. But this shot, like the top one above, I took at dawn two weeks ago while waiting for the big crane to lift itself above the […]

Pilots 3

For a low-emissions all-weather pilot boat, the Dutch port of Rotterdam  looked . . .  to the US.  Kvichak has built for many ports.  Fotos courtesy of Fred Trooster. So would that be a Dutch pilot in middeck with the bare-shoulder uniform? Sandy Hook Pilots, serving the port of New York, have gotten some of […]

Pilots 2

Previous pilot boat fotos show vessels of Interport Pilots here,  Chesapeake pilots here, Charleston harbor here, Newport here, and New York areas ones here.  Below, Sandy Hook Pilots vessel Yankee heads out two months back when Blue Marlin lingered in the harbor;  on or about August 4 Blue Marlin will return. The white speck in front […]


While researching this post, I stumbled upon a blog that seems to have ceased after a quite promising start.  Check out this Norrie Point pilot boat along the Hudson here.  Tom, I’d love to hear from you.  I believe the foto below (I took it a year ago in Tottenville) shows a Hudson River Pilot […]

Random Ships 51

I missed this one, but I saw it on AIS.  She used to be called Eagle Hope, but I’m thinking someone’s running out of names. I caught up with Alice though, here to discharge what she always does . . . aggregates. Denak Voyager waited in the anchorage at sunrise and before midmorning coffee, she […]

Random Ships 45

Here’s an index to the 44 prior posts by this name.  CMA CGM Parsifal here is heavily laden, looks huge–and for the sixth boro is one of the largest that have called to date–almost 11oo’ loa and around 8500 teu-capacity, but relative to the current largest container ship in the world is smaller by half, […]

Recrossing Paths

There’ve been plenty of people I’ve wanted to chance re-encounter, but it doesn’t always happen.  I’ve been to Southwest Harbor long ago, but I’ve never seen a Good Idea before. I saw this WLB come into the harbor the other day and just assumed it was Katherine Walker, WLM-552.  But I was wrong.  Voila Elm, […]

Meditations M

M . . . mast.  I love the wikipedia disambiguation pages, where a range of contexts for words like mast or masthead defies expectation. Cornell sports its mast toward the stern; running lights there convey information about vessel size, type, and activity. Clearwater, a sloop, has a one mast topping out at about 110 feet. […]

Meditations H

H . .  Hudson and Holland aka H&H.  This year mention of H&H in and around the sixth boro happens so frequently that a friend has phrased it as the Dutch re-conquest of the erstwhile New Amsterdam.   And I like it.  After all, my Dutch identity feels at least as strong as my American […]

Tug Tours

Let me plug some unique history tours of New York harbor on an authentic restored 1930 tugboat called W. O. Decker, owned by South Street Seaport Museum. Each tour leaves Pier 16 on Saturday at 10am and returns at 2 pm. Board 10 minutes before departure at the stern of Peking. Tour capacity is 12 […]