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Meeting the Fleet 2017 a

Here are the posts I did each of the past two years.  I’ll call this the beginning of the processional.  How many government vessels do you count in the photo below? Carefully screened support vessels–Rana Miller, Elizabeth McAllister, and Resolute— lead the procession, here past Ellis Island, while small craft of the NYC Navy and […]


If you live near NYC , a great way to mark Memorial Day aka Decoration Day, visit any of the open piers.  Check out the “early history” in this wikipedia link.  I seized the morning out here, on DDG 57 USS Mitscher. Here’s the view forward from the starboard bridge wing, to port were CG-56 USS […]

Convergence 4

Here’s  some of my May 2010 coverage of Fleet Week’s arrival.  So Fleet Week and OpSail 2012 have converged, commingling state-of-the-art with traditional vessels.   Now add  into the mix F/A-18s and Hudson river water pumped through the system of  1931 John J. Harvey.  Doubleclick enlarges fotos. Leading the fleet is Eagle. And leading the […]