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Maersk Saltoro

  She looks bigger than the 981′ she is.  By today’s sixth boro standards, she’s not, and with a capacity for 9971 teu, she’s nowhere near the 15,072 of CMA CGM Panama, which I missed this week.   I’ve not noticed the wings to add lateral visibility near the stern, or the starboard-offset stack. As […]

Saltwater Ice

Clio came into the sixth boro carrying “mineral fuel” cargo and a thick coating of sea ice.  I’m not sure where she arrived from, but six months ago, she was in some unambiguously hot places, sans ice. JRT had a band of icelets, Choptank carried souvenirs of her time upriver where more fresh water flowed, […]

Salt or Unsalted?

I’ve posted enough photos of “lakers” that you might know what they look like.  In fact, I posted a photo of “queen of the lakes” only a few days ago. So the photos today below are the reason I’m late posting. Note the self-unloader.  This gear gives these boats enhanced versatility, as they can unload […]

12 Salties

I’d put Orsula down as saltie, an ocean-going vessel of dimensions that allow her to travel deep freshwater inland, here a few days after the longest day of 2017 as far inland as Duluth; that’s 2000 miles from the Ocean.  In fact, here she’s headed for Europe, likely with a cargo of grain.  Last year, […]

Salt 14

As seen from Richmond Terrace, it’s a like a faucet … Zoomed closer in and seen from this side, there’s a swirl to the flow.  We’ve seen sweet commodities;  now we’re at salty ones. Guess the world’s leading producers of salt by monetary value before getting the answer, clicking here, where you’ll find that not all […]

Salt 13

Here’s the whole series.  The different colors in the pile reflect trace minerals from different global sources. Anyhow, the latest salt ship came in yesterday at sunrise.  I’d come to my spot early in hopes there would be enough light when TTM Dragon arrived , but I was wrong. James D. Moran worked the bow as the […]

Salt 12

Icy roads are here again.  Well, even if they’re not–not yet– in the downstate area, New Yorkers place a value on being prepared.  You might call that a NY value, but I’m not going any further there.  And more accurately, preparing for the future is a universal value. And in this season, bulkers arrive with […]

Salt 11

Cape Henry at arrival . . . drawing between 12 and 13 meters with its holds full of salt to render area roads safe and savory. At departure for sea and points east yesterday afternoon . . .  she drew less than 6. She was assisted out by Marjorie and Ellen McAllister. All photos except […]

Salt 10

Just before 0700, Medi Osaka rounded the bend, low in the water as a galleon from the Andean mines.  Only two hours before, under darkness, Medi Osaka‘s soon-to-be berth was still occupied by Global Success, which had just completed discharging its payload of road salt, at least the part of the load gong to Atlantic […]

Salt 9

What’s this?  Answer follows. Ice . .  we love it in some drinks.  but on rivers and roads, it’s a nuisance.  Ice breakers try to keep strategic waterways open, and on roadways, salt is the weapon, but when the storehouse floor looks like this and and this, then you pray for another replenishment.   By […]