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Binghamton, Buick, and Buttes

I gather from this article sent along by Jim McCrea that the death knell has rung for ferry Binghamton.  See my posts here, here, and here.  Alas, and all while being listed on the NJ and US Register of Historic Places . . . so much for that.    Thanks, Jim. An end comes for […]

Helen Laraway

My sidekick and I caught glimpses of Helen Laraway over a period of about 30 hours starting in Coeymans. At the first sighting, Helen seemed to be moving astern with a load of scrap, whose origin I wondered about.  SS Binghamton perhaps?   My sidekick? Oh, I borrowed this beauty from Diana, who had been […]


This is the third of three digressions before getting on with the account of my trip west. The saga of SS Binghamton started in 1904, and I last saw it from land on January 6, 2017, when demolition was said to have started.  Demolition had started but defined as “asbestos abatement” by the alien looking […]

Small Craft 15

Hats off to the small boats that work all year round . . . crew boats, patrol boats, fishing boats, line boats, pilot boats, dive boats, more fishing boats, more crew boats, government boats, more —soon to face major cuts–government boats more line and boom boats, and here’s a special . . . a historic […]

Last Call + Four Years

Yesterday, I had permission to board the 1905 ferry Binghamton for the first time in almost four years.  I had studied my 2011 photos a little, but the boat is so changed inside that I really should have printed out some 2011 shots to try to replicate them.  That said, it’s so modified that that might […]

Other Watersheds 15

Quick . . . name the fourth largest port in Florida?  The answer is here.  And I’ve long wanted to visit it, and my our good fortune is that recently friends–Allan and Sally–who are excellent photographers did, and here are some they share.   Click here for a photo of Cangarda they took and here for some […]

After Last Call 2

Ten months ago I did this post of the 1905 ferry Binghamton.  Twenty months ago I did this one,  this  and this with many interior shots at that time.   The foto below dates from October 2011 just after Irene. Here was Binghamton this morning, a work of disintegrative art, refusing to buckle in spite of […]

Stormy Aftermath 4

I’ve headed into a different part of the sixth boro each of the past three days . . . today was the North River . . .  passenger terminal, since three cruise ships came in around 0700 hrs . . . Gem and Brilliance, shown here, as well as Caribbean Princess, still outside the Narrows […]

Stormy Aftermath 2

I took all these fotos this morning.  First, here’s the ashoremost portion of John B Caddell in the parking lot waterside of Edgewater Drive, roughly across from the Clifton*** Staten Island Railroad stop.  After being delivered from RTC Shipbuilding in Camden, NJ in mid-December 1941, she has come to her end.  Most of her life […]

Stormy Aftermath 1

Foto below was taken on this date last year . . . October 30, 2011, the morning after last season’s ONLY significant snowfall in/around the sixth boro. And a sad series here . . . alongside the red vessels John J. Harvey and lightship Frying Pan . . .   Bounty at Pier 66 Manhattan in […]